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Market Analysis & Competition Analysis

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Essay Preview: Market Analysis & Competition Analysis

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The Underground Lounge

Course Project: Restaurant Concept Project Part 5

Allison Edwards

Restaurant Management HMT410

Professor Johnson

06 /09/2012

The Underground Lounge

Market Analysis & Competition Analysis

The kind of restaurant that The Underground Lounge would suit is a fine dining style. It is fit for the guest who wants a new, fresh experience and is also very social. It's made for the customer who has already seen the other restaurants in the area and need something new to talk about with his or her friends. This type of unique style fits with most the people living the single life and love to be out on the town. This guest is up for anything; after all you never know what the chef that night will put on the menu. If your living in a big city and want to be the one that your friend go to for the next hot spot, you the one who will be seen dining at The Underground Lounge.

The competition for The Underground Lounge would be the well know restaurant in the area that are also serving fine dining. They have the pro of being easy to hear about but The Underground Lounge is not for everyone and only for the selected few that fine out and can get on the wait list. But being hard to find can play as a con if the restaurant is not in an area where people are looking for the exclusivity that The Underground Lounge provides. The strengths would be the fresh style of dining and atmosphere that a guest gets when they come and take a chance on the food at The Underground Lounge. It's just a matter of marketing without the restaurant losing the mystery The Underground Lounge was to preserve.



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