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Marketing Macroeconmics of Fleet Management Industry

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Essay Preview: Marketing Macroeconmics of Fleet Management Industry

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Mothelethoa close corporation operate information and communication technology systems for Mabasadi Holdings. Mothelethoa close corporation provides infrastructure of data centres, networks and desktop support to Mabasadi employees. The company's employees combine industry expertise and ICT innovations to add a significant value to its customers' core business around Mabasadi .

A research project was designed to understand how Mabasadi employees felt about the service rendered by Mothelethoa close corporation and evaluate the performance received comparing to the service level agreement. The decision was that the research would be the qualitative research to identify issues, problems and customer satisfaction that the employees experience with regard to the service rendered by Mothelethoa close corporation.

Defining the problem and Objectives


On quarterly basis the information management department conduct research regarding the service that was offered by Mothelethoa close corporation for a period of 3 months. The research review performance and ensuring best customer satisfaction at Mabasadi . The descriptive research will be used to gather the information as it will assist the IM department in describing the service problems, situations and markets.


The objective of the research includes the following:

* ensure that the service level agreement are met

* performance review and assessing the problems

* identify areas that needs improvement

* customer satisfaction

Developing Research Plan

Primary Data Collection

The primary data will be collected due to lack of secondary data for the performance of IT services as Mabasadi focuses on their core function which is generating electricity. To ensure that the information is accurate, current, relevant and unbiased the questionnaires were grouped per department according to the services they use the most.

Research Approaches

Survey research was used to collect primary data as its best suited for gathering descriptive information. The power station needs to know the performance of Mothelethoa close corporation and the problems employees experience in order to improve the services rendered.

Emails and personal contacts methods were used to gather the information.

Sampling Plan

A total of 30 employees were selected to assist the IM department to evaluate the performance of Mothelethoa close corporation



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