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Marriage - a Blessed Contract Between a Man and a Woman

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Essay Preview: Marriage - a Blessed Contract Between a Man and a Woman

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The role of a spouse towards her husband and in setting up the refinery!

The term spouse generally refers to a partner in a marriage:

Husband, referring to a male partner.

Wife, referring to a female partner .

I would here prefer to talk about the female part as I am one of them!

Marriage is a blessed contract between a man and a woman, wherein they begin the long journey of life in a spirit of love, co-operation, harmony and tolerance, where each feels at ease with the other, and finds tranquility, contentment and comfort in the company of the other.

The only thing constant in this world is change!!The best part for a spouse would be to be the part of the change! As a husband, I know that I am to love my wife in the same way as a wife, i know i am to love my husband! But this is only the easy part; doing it, however, is another matter! There are at least two challenges that I run into:-

1. Knowing how to do this

2. Having the strength to do it

If i ask these round of questionnares to myself have i played an important part in my husband's life? Have i supported him enough? Have i been there enough for him so that he could boost all the way in his corporate world? Well these answers can only be given by him!

But what i can answer for now is only my experience that i went by so far!

They say that behind every successful man there is a woman...i would redefine it as behind every successful man there is a wise woman! And i would very blatantly take this opportunity to thank myself and say (and accept with modesty though),that yes it has been me throughout my husband's success!!We as partners for life have seen it all. The good, the bad, the not so good, the not so bad, the worst and the best!!

Being a wife and a mother is not easy but i guess i have played my fair part!

From the morning bed tea to the dessert of dinner, from being a dhobi to being a cook, from being a baby sitter to being a pacifier, i have played all the roles.

They say the only thing constant is change! But the question is do we observe change? Do our near and dear ones get to know how and why things happen?

Showing positive behaviour at home like trustworthiness, encouragement, an effective homemaker, a skilled communicator, a team builder, a leader itself are the traits that adds to environment at home so that every morning when the person goes back to office he knows that these are the pinnacles that he has to achieve for his company too. When in office your husband is dealing with a client, when at home is dealing with his wife, children who are no less than client and have made him well rehersed for the same!

You know your husband is performing well in the office when he is having culturally contingent styles and behaviour at home also! I have played the role of a Talisman so that he could be an asset to his company! Spending sleepless nights, eating cold food, keeping up with his tardiness each and every thing



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