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Marther Luther King Analtiylical Essay

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Essay Preview: Marther Luther King Analtiylical Essay

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Jocelyn Montoya

Midterm Exam Analytical Essay

Period 4

Prompt #3

Marther Luther King main purpose in writing this letter is because he was against segregation and racism in the country . He was arrested for leading protests agaisnt segregation and racism.Many people were criticizing him and then he wrote a letter in response for those who were against him. One way there were criticizing him was calling his activities “Unwise” (Par1) but as he stated if he worries about people who are against him he will not be able to have time to do his job.

In the article it talks about how Marther luther king has eight five people who work this him and support him all around south and when the affiliate in birmingham asked him to go and participate in a nonviolent direct action program he was very confident of himself and lived up to his promise which was getting rid of the racism. He was confident enough to stand up for all his negroes and mention his belfies and what he knew about birmingham. He felt that even though he was not living there he felt that he had to be concerned of the issues the communities were facing.

Dr king believed that injustice behavior is putting in danger to having justice everywhere. Therefore he means that people of color will never have the opportunity to be treated fairly if there is injustice behavior.As he states on paragraph 4 “ whatever affects one directly affects all indirectly “. He means that even though people are not getting treated unfairly if will still affect them in one way because he believes we are a whole and everyone who lives in america can never be considered an outsider meaning that even though unfair justice not might be happening to certain people, everyone will be affected because we are a community and unfair treatment should affect us all and we should be able to speak up for our rights and for those rights of people getting treated unfairly. Negroes were treated unfairly was because they experienced unsolved bombings of their homes, and there churches in Birmingham's community than in other city in the nation” (Par #6) This shows how negroes received very bad treatment and nothing was being done about it. No one was solving was there solving their issues because of the whole idea of racism . no one should be getting treated better than others because we all are human beings.

Marther luther king was a very strong believer that everyone should be treated equally and he tried his best to do protest, speak up for all his people to make sure people heard his voice and his belief to stop segregation and racism. He wrote this letter to those who were criticizing him and let those people know he had other organizations supporting him. And that regardless of his critcez he



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