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Maslow's Theory

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Q1. How does Nucor's approach to motivation build on recommendations from Maslow's and McClelland's need theories? Explain.

Maslow's Hierarchy of needs theory.

This theory proposes that people are motivated by multiple need and these needs exist in hierarchical order. Maslow's theory identified five general types of needs:

Higher order needs "External"

1- Physiological. Includes thirst, hunger, and other bodily needs.

2- Safety. This includes safety and secure

Low order needs "internal"

3- Social. Affection, belongingness, acceptance and friendship.

4- Esteem. This need related to internal factors such as self-respect, autonomy, and achievement.

5- Self-actualization. Drive to become what we are capable of becoming.

According to Maslow's theory needs are satisfied in sequence. The low-order needs take priority and they must be satisfied before the higher-needs. When a need is satisfied, the next one becomes dominant.

At Nucor's cases workers were motivated due to Nucor's good pay system, benefits, and job security. By this employees' lower-level physiological and safety needs were being met.

Also the art of motivation at Nucor's is about the importance of the positive social relationships with the people in the front line of the business and the supervisor, which gave them the feeling of belonging and satisfies the social needs. As well as talking to the workers, listening to them, taking a risk on their ideas, accepting the occasional failure, and the great respect and recognition from the management satisfies the esteem needs.

Nucor's could find ways to recognize employees, encourage their participation in decision making, and give the opportunities to make significant contribution to the plant. And that what the need hierarchy theory explain.

McClelland three needs theory

In that theory McClelland proposed that certain types of needs are acquired during the individual's lifetime. Most frequently studied needs are:

1- Need for achievement.

2- Need for power.

3- And need for affiliation.

Build on the theory of McClelland Nucor's could motive their workers, by several ways such as the reward and penalize system they have. Not only good work reworded, but also bad work is penalized. And also the profit sharing and bonuses system, which were tied to the production,



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