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Ways to Manage - Expectancy Theory

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Essay Preview: Ways to Manage - Expectancy Theory

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Consider the description of the very first "Obama Seder," which "took place at the bleakest point of the campaign, the long prelude to the Pennsylvania primary." Why did the three young Obama staff people make the effort (=why were they motivated) to prepare and conduct the described Passover seder?

Answer: For this question, I will use the Expectancy Theory to explain. By definition, Expectancy Theory is a theory that is based on the idea that works effort is directed toward behaviors that people believe will lead to desired outcomes. Expectancy Theory mainly helps us to predict an individual's effort. In this case, the three Obama staff was motivated because they believe that with the hard work and effort they put into the Passover Seder, will be worth it as they believe Obama will become the next president and that they'll celebrate Seder next year in the White House. Because of this belief, it increases their motivations and increases performance to outcome expectancy. (=the hard work the staff to prepare the Passover seder is now being rewarded as Seder will be a new yearly tradition in the White House) Although the very first "Obama Seder" was held in the windowless basement of a Pennsylvania hotel, and the three staffs were tired due to the long work hours, but it was worth it in the end. Obama is President, keeps his promise, as they'll be celebrating Seder in the White House. To the staffs, having Obama join them at the Seder, and having Seder at the White House each year is like an award. The staffs are happy with the award, therefore, it's a positive valence (the award they received based on the effort). What makes Seder different and meaningful is that the President (Obama) is actually involved, rather than just White House staff.



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