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Mass Media

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As a teenager of this generation, I find it quite fun and entertaining committing myself to technologies and mass media. We as engaged in the kind of lifestyle were technologies exist; we were very confused with its positive and negative effects to us. I prefer to watch television, listen to radio, just to keep updated on whatever that's happening in our daily lives. This is where the mass media and technology arises, we often benefit from it for it taught us very wide variety of events and happenings around us. Media plays a crucial role in our everyday life and we depend on it for almost everything. It serves as a general knowledge-giving instrument all over the world. Mass media, as reliable sources of an update, it brought to us events, incidents and etc from miles away in just a flash minute. However, it shapes and encourages people from everywhere through its incessant advertising schemes that affects our daily existence and its growing continuously.

This problem arose nowadays and we, teenagers are the one who's greatly affected in this issue. In my part, this technology and mass media is neither good nor bad to everyone. Good, for it supplies unlimited source of general knowledge; bad, for it's an invasion of privacy and freedom to keep them isolated from the media. It's both extra ordinary and dreadful. To me, its effects are some manner destructive to our attitude for it influences me in invading private lives of the people around me.



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