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McDonalds Communication Case Study

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Essay Preview: McDonalds Communication Case Study

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Communication is a make-or-break skill for leaders and managers in every industry and workplace. Mastering Communication at Work delivers the skills you need to build your confidence, motivate your people, and, ultimately, enact measurable change throughout your organization(Ethan F. Becker & Jon Wortmann 2009). Communication takes place everywhere, anywhere to conduct the daily life whether in home, office, shop, market. While talking with family members in home, texting or calling friends buying things in the market or mailing to boss all this is communication done through different channel or media. To run the organisation communication is the most important thing. Without communication in an organisation no work can be performed. Employees do not get their objectives to do so that it is going to be all confusion and mess because of this, a company or organisation is not going to achieve their goal.

Communication is a heart part in an organisation , which have very important role. To run a business or organisation there should be effective communication. Effective communication occurs only if receiver can receive message perfectly and can understood message clearly (Denis Mc Quail, 1975). If the message goes wrong the whole management is going to be disturb, the time is getting loss and the company's reputation going down. For example, in my McDonald restaurant, if the costumer asks for the chicken legend mayo and the till staff orders the kitchen people for chicken legend salsa this shows theirs effective communication so then the costumer will not get their ordered food.


Company's introduction

McDonalds is a first largest fast food restaurant in the United Kingdom. It provides full and part time job according to the people status in UK. It gives chance to every country people able or may be little bit disable. In the restaurant we have different posts to work like crew members for cooking, crew trainers to train crew members on the spot (work place), stay in the wrap, fold and help in cooking as well, shift manager check the window, till, kitchen everywhere how the service going on and the restaurant head manager checks inside the office, work in the office watch everywhere whole in the McDonald restaurant, communicates in the branches or head office or related to restaurant . All these people work and keep communicating internal and external to run the service

The process of communication in McDonald

People communicate at work for a variety of reasons by means of spoken words, written word, non verbal communication, numbers, drawing and graphics, using a wide range of media included the telephone , face to face, video conferencing, emails, letters and memos . Skilled communicators consider this which is the most appropriate medium for the particular message they wish to convey



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