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Mediation and Advocacy Literature Review

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Essay Preview: Mediation and Advocacy Literature Review

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Mediation and Advocacy Literature Review

Human Service workers are a group of dedicated professionals who toil tirelessly to improve the quality of life for people with handicaps as well as provide help for those less fortunate people in our society. The services make available by Human Services is based upon being an advocate, with the expressed objective of helping a client through a difficult period and to reach his or her individual's goals. In addition to, Human Services focuses on delivery of benefits and assistance as are needed.

There are three primary associations that classify the roles of Mediators and Advocates as they apply to Human Services. These roles consist of The Academy of Family Mediators, Victim Offenders Mediation Associates (VOMA), and the CDR Associates. Presented here is an overview of these associations and their function.

The Academy of Family Mediators

The Academy of Family Mediators has a central focus to help in divorce cases, child and spousal support issues and custody disputes. In trying to help people resolve their disputes, family mediators provide a service involving determinations of one's destiny as well as help with the decision making process (Davidovich, 2011).

In separation conflict cases a Mediator is provided for families in the middle of a dispute involving such unpleasant issues like divorce or child custody cases. During these processes Human Services will select a mediator to assist families seeking help.

Human Services also provides mothers with daycare, counseling and, when needed, mediation for those unable to pay for what they need. In addition, parents can ask for support services. Human Service can also provide advocates to help mediate child custody disputes or parental care (Academy of Family Mediators 2011).

The Victim Offenders Mediation Associates (VOMA)

VOMA offers services to help people who have been victim's violent crimes such robbery, rape, a murder attempt, or the family and friends of a murder victim. In a delicate balance, VOMA brings together the victim of the crime and the offender who perpetrated the crime.

A VOMA associate is a highly trained, professional mediator skilled at uniting the two parties of a violent crime. Once the two parties meet the mediator begins by introducing them each other. In many respects, this allows the victim to see the offender as a real person and not the monster that haunts their nightmares. During these discussions, both parties try to find a path that will lead past a horrible incident while trying to discover a way to help ease the pain and suffering the victim has endured. It is the job of the mediator to recommend a plan of action whereas both parties can mend bridges to help repair the damages done by the result of the crime (VOMA, 2011).

This kind of meeting not only



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