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Message of the Mountain by Matilda Nordtvedt

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Essay Preview: Message of the Mountain by Matilda Nordtvedt

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Message of the Mountain by Matilda Nordtvedt

Book Report by Rachel Brijbag

        Message of the Mountain is a Beka Book that shows us both the good and the bad ways people can act. Can God help people that make mistakes live a life where they make good choices instead? The book was written by Matilda Nordtvedt and illustrated by Frank Hicks. This amazing book also shows how God can help people change their lives even when they make bad choices.

        The main characters of the book are John and his sisters Hilda and Lois. Also their parent’s papa and mama are important characters. The story takes place in Mount Baker, during the early 1900’s. A lot of the action takes place in their house, the school, and the woods. John makes friends with Marvin and Pete who are a bad influence on John and Lois. Marvin and Pete teach John to smoke. Marvin also teaches John and Lois to steal.

        One day John invites Marvin to church and they hear Happy Hank, a visitor, preach about Jesus. Hearing that helps John and Lois believe in God and realize they were sinning. They told their parents all the bad things they had done like smoking, stealing, and John hanging out with Marvin while he did bad things.

        Marvin’s father dies and Marvin goes to live with John’s family. His Aunt Dorothy is supposed to come and take Marvin away to Minneapolis the day after the last day of school. Aunt Dorothy shows up right when the family had decided to go to the mountain so Aunt Dorothy and Marvin went with them.

        While on Mount Baker, the kids John, Marvin, Hilda, and Lois get lost while exploring. They use some of Hilda’s hair to make a fire. Papa, Mama, and Aunt Dorothy find them in the woods and they go back home. When they are back home, they all tell Aunt Dorothy that they do not want Marvin to go and she let’s Marvin live with John’s family.

        I like the book because it has a happy ending when bad things happen. For example, when John and Lois make bad choices, they tell their parents and say they are sorry. When the kids are lost, the parents find them. When Marvin’s dad dies, he becomes a part of a new family that loves him. I would recommend this book for kids that are doing bad things and need God to help them change.



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