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Metlife Inc - Internal Environments: Strengths and Weaknesses

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Essay Preview: Metlife Inc - Internal Environments: Strengths and Weaknesses

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Oscar Vargas


A. Corporate Structure

1) How is the corporation structured at present?

a. Is the decision-making authority centralized around one group or

decemtralized to many units?

MetLife Inc. is the largest life insurer in the United States and it's becoming

a dominant force in Asia, Europe and Latin America. MetLife products

segment includes all of its group and individual life insurance and non-

medical health insurance products ( dental, disability illness). Its

Retirement Products segment includes its annuity products. MetLife's Auto

& Home segment works through subsidiary Metropolitan Property and

Casualty Insurance (MPC). Each segment management is responsible

for making daily decisions in the best interest of building their respective

operating segments. Each is accountable for it's individual performance.

b. Is it organize on the basis of functions, projects, geography, or some

combination of these?

With the diverse of products they offer and the different regions they

offer them, MetLife Inc. is organized in both their functions and geographical


2) Is the structure clearly understood by everyone in the corporation?

3) Is the present structure consistant with current corporate objectives, strategies,

policies, and programs, as well as with the firms international operations?


4 ) In what ways does this structure compare with those of similar corporations?

B. Corporate Culture

1) Is there a well-defined or emerging culture composed of shared beliefs, expectations

and values?

MetLife's culture is that they will continue to grow its business with focus, innivation

and profitability. "this will be acomplished by drawing on the reservoir of history that

has produced an enduring set of corporate values based on more than 140 years of

integrity,social responsibility,strong leadership and financial strenth."

2) Is the culture consistant with the current objectives, strategies, policies, and


At MetLife Inc. the corporation has developed a corporate communications department

that develops internal and external relations strategies the effectively communicate

the values and vision of the corporate to employees, shareholders and customers.

3) What is the cultures position on important issues facing the corporation ( i.e., on

productivity, quality of performance, adaptability to changing conditions, environmental

sustainability, and internalization.)

As an industry leader and a growing global enterprise, MetLife is commited to driving

efforts that address sustainability, reduce carbon their carbon footprint and invest

in ventures that will have a positive impact on the environment. As MetLife business

is built on promises, MetLife recognizes the tremendous importance of making yet

another promise for the future by ensuring the world remains a healthy and vibrant

place for many generations to come. Through the businesses, the associates, and

business partnerships, MetLife believe that it can and it will make a difference by

contributing to a growing, global effort that will benefit everyone today and in the future.

4) Is the culture compatible with the employees' diversity of backgrounds?

At MetLife, diversity is a key driver of business performance and creates lasting

shareholder value. MetLife's diversity statement states that " At MetLife, diversity is

core to our business, embedded at all levels of our company with clear accountability

for success. Our commitment to deversify and inclusion makes MetLife a more comp-

ative company and allow us to better serve our customers, attract and retain the best

talent, and do business with the best companies and suppliers around the world. It

brings to MetLife fresh perspective, new ways of thinking and more innovative products."

At MetLife, with their commitment to expand in other regions of the world, they recognize

the importance of embracing diversity internally so they may understand better the

the cultures of the nations they expand into.

5) Does the company take into consideration the values of each nations's culture in

which the firm operates?

MetLife has operations in Latin America, Asia Pacific and europe. MetLife realizes

that everyone has his or her own special needs when it comes to planning for the future.

MetLife provides multicultural financial services representatives



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