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Mgmt 240 - Project 101: Medical Records

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Essay Preview: Mgmt 240 - Project 101: Medical Records

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Project 101: Medical Records

Kimberly Parrish

AIU Online

MGMT240-1102B-01: Project Management

Individual project 1

Project 101: Medical Records

As our company grows it is running out of storage space, as a medical records company we have and continue to receive several of hundreds of records on a daily bases. Currently our company pays to store these files at an annual storage rate. The storage unit is currently full and unorganized; our company is in the need of cutting expenses as well as coming of age with technology. The specific situation and need is to gain more storage space for now and for future use, while reducing our annual storage rate. The files in storage still need to be accessible by the staff and the files need to receive proper organization to help find the necessary files in a timely matter. The files in storage usual sever the purpose to help with future lawsuits or to help answer questions from past clients or patients.

The proposal recommended for this projects objective is as follows. Objective: to scan and upload all files into electronic storage. Time: a proposed time of three months has been set in order to accomplish this task. Cost: a proposed value and timing of one thousand dollars and a timing of three months of labor is required for this project. The cost of this will be higher than our annual storage rates; however, the annual storage rates would no longer exist with the fact of going electronic. After a few years, the new project would pay for itself. Furthermore, going electronic would allow for an easier workflow in regards to accessing and organizing the files faster. Quality: a proposed quality evaluation of 95% be performed showing all files have been scanned in properly. Legal and ethical: we propose all legal and ethical actions receive the proper attention; this will ensure no issues may arise in this area in the future of the project. Activation: once the proposed information is completed and signed, we will begin this project; we propose this be no later than one month after submission. Indirect Effects: we propose this will only affect the research for future lawsuits or research to help answer questions from past clients or patients, although it will not stop the research it may take a little longer to process and complete the research. Risks: One risk is the possible failure or inappropriate scanning of documents in which may cause unreadable data. Nevertheless, with careful scanning of the files and the correct saving of the current documents, this issue could be no trouble at all. Leadership: To help with the project, management has set up a specified team to accomplish the above objective,



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