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Mgt 431 - Incentive Plan Paper

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Essay Preview: Mgt 431 - Incentive Plan Paper

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Incentive Plan Paper

MGT 431

Human Resource Management

University of Phoenix

Willie Ouzts

Mablean Leverett

March 2, 2011


In most organizations incentives have been around for a long time. In order to keep the flow of business, organizations have come up ith ways to promote employee productivity by incentives. Organizations once based incentives on what were senioral, traditional, and political factors. But things have changed; incentives are focused on specific activities that will achieve the organization objection. This is one example of combining organizational objectives with employee incentives.

An organization main objective is the sustainability of the company few examples of organizations incentive are the significance or the motivational theory that entail the egocentric importance of employee's productivity. Organizational objectives are the most effective when they arequantiiably measurable. This allows the measuring effect easily impacting the organizations incentive plan.

In an organization an incentive can be viewed as a positive as well as negative. Employees can make a choice to do what is right, with the offered incentive employees have an opportunity to help their organization as well as help themselves. This is another of how with the two combining together the organizations goal can be met. Other employees may look at incentives as a way of gaining monetary bonuses, by doing just enough work. Organizations planners seem to forget even though the employee's works below them, employees are just as smart and always thinking

Incentive plans come in many different forms which can be offered by their employer. To utilize consistent incentive employers must monitor the statistics to keep track of the incentive progress. Constant change in the incentive offering is one way the employers will not lose edge over employees interests. Key ways of motivation employees are not only monetary but, paid time off, free weekend getaways, and birthday bonus paid with the day off. One major way of finding out what works for the employees is to do an employee survey, giving employees choices of what they would like as an incentive. Organization's incentive goals that needs to be met on a quarterly basis.

An evaluation of incentives gives some companies time to make modifications and other adjustments for incentives that are not delivering at the company's expected rate. If



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