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Microsoft Global Supply Chain Management

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Essay Preview: Microsoft Global Supply Chain Management

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Research Proposal


Microsoft is largest software Provider Company in the world. Microsoft was founded by Bill gates and Paul Allen in 1975. The current financial position of Microsoft is $ 32 billion turnover per annum. The Microsoft has core business to provide licensing software products, Operating systems and server applications, software development tools, internet server applications and Business and Consumer server applications. The Microsoft has customers in whole world. Microsoft has produced at least one single product on every personal computer. In this way it is defining overall market success in world. (Funding Universe , n.d.) Microsoft has employee strength worldwide 92,303 and has 10 board of director. (Microsoft, 2012)

Hostile takeover bid which is happens against Target Company of Board of directors and its shareholders. The Shareholders and Board of Management of Target Company will decide to accept the offer or reject it. The hostile takeover faces challenges that integration both companies resources. There always happen conflicts between Boards of director of Target Company and bidding company. (wise Geek,2012).

The Microsoft has facing hostile takeover Bid with target company Yahoo. Microsoft has facing hostile takeover bid which offered offer of $44. 6 billion and it's not accepted by Yahoo management and its shareholder. (Intology,2012). The target company Yahoo is social website for communicating through internet media which is found by David Filo and Jery Young in 1994. Now days Yahoo becomes global internet communication service through broadband in overall world. (Yahoo, 2005).The current revenue of yahoo is$1.1 billion. (Reuters , 2012). The Yahoo has current employee strength 14.110 and has 11 board of director. (Yahoo,2011). The yahoo has top ten institutional shareholders like capital Research global investor etc. and four major direct shareholder like AE Harris Trust etc. and top ten Mutual fund holder like GROWTH FUND OF AMERICA INC .(Yahoo Finance,2012).These board of management and shareholder of Yahoo plays vital role to defence the Hostile takeover bid of Microsoft.

This shows that Microsoft facing hostile takeover with Yahoo and facing problem of hostile takeover with defensive action by its Yahoo Management and its shareholder. This shows that hostile takeover has potential challenges with its integration of new target company management and also to gain its shareholder confidence.

Research Problem- Hostile takeover bid has potential challenges like Target companies management and shareholders use the defensive tactics to oppose the hostile takeover bid. Microsoft facing same hostile takeover bid problem with Yahoo.

Aim- To identify or evaluate the potential challenges that Microsoft is facing hostile takeover Bid with Yahoo.




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