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Mindell, Clangor of That Blacksmith’s Fray

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Essay Preview: Mindell, Clangor of That Blacksmith’s Fray

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Mindell, Clangor of That Blacksmith’s Fray

Mindell’s thesis is that the two battle ships changed naval technological war power during the 19th century. He also went into depth to describe the technology on the vessels, which was impressive for this point in time. technology and safety and personal progress. Where his main focuses. “Only the turret and the pilothouse protruded above the raft, the former containing two eleven-inch guns and their crews and the latter a pilot and the captain for steering and command. The turret could rotate under steam power to aim the guns. The only significant target presented to the enemy, the turret was protected by eight inches of armor plate (eleven inches in front by the gun ports) and had a rounded shape to deflect any shot hit” He also somewhat puts in perspective what it was like tube a crew member on one of these vessels. He talks about them never really adjusting to their new environment and describe them as being in general discomfort. “The Monitor crew never fully adjusted to the new environment. Throughout their ten-month career on the new vessel, they remained ambivalent. Though the novelty of the submerged world thrilled them, the "iron home" also had its draw backs(252).

He also describes the trials and tribulations of the people who documented the War.

He uses official sources like congressional commendations and newspaper reports. He also explored essays from people who where actually visited the Monitor shortly after the battle and, observing and interviewing the crew, like Nathanial Hawthorne.

I think Mendel is trying to convey how new military technologies cam about mad the processes behind them. He takes first hand accounts which show the excitement of new technologies and also the tragedies they brought about.



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