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Missing a College Education

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Essay Preview: Missing a College Education

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There was a time in society, to graduate from high school, and to receive a diploma was sufficient, in order to get a job. Therefore, many people find out throughout their lives, that to acquire knowledge is essential in order to advance in life. In the back of their minds, they know, that they missed out on many valuable assets in life without a college education. The first cause of missing college education creates a lower standard of living, an absence of money, and more financial problems. The money, mainly is a big reason; it reflects the person capability to enter an educational life. To fail in work, and coming up with other alternative ways to make money, not searching for a great career analyze the inability to pursue college education.

The second cause affects the opportunity to get a job, when people don't find a decent work, and can get into the market being unemployed. The third cause, which reflects the individual need for responsibilities to a family members. For these reasons, this case is spread over years, and has so many impacts on the individual life. Causes of missing college education are variant, and essentially reflects on financial issues, individual problems and it follows that job opportunities.

Students missing college education creates an absence of money, and a lower standard of living. The absences of money in lower social classes' effects, and may contribute to the problem, but the presence of social class in the educational system may be contributory as well. Thus, it is vital to study how the effects of social class are entering into classrooms, and help to determine the future of high school graduates. Also, it creates unfortunately easy ways to get money is to search for crimes. People are more concerned about the problems, that directly impact their day to day lives, like money. Accordingly, absence of money to pay for the education expenses is just one of the many factors, which limit the ability of individuals to continue their study, and do well in their study. Clearly, when times are bad,

most people simply want to focus on looking out for it. Therefore, the high school graduate start to focus on other plans, and forget the education program, and simply start a new life full of problems behaviors. Plus, financial problems are almost always followed by emotional stress, and can lead to more complicated psychological effects, such as, leads to devastating effects on the heart, and soul, and may contribute to suicide ideas.

When college students miss the education, an opportunity to get a job becomes difficult to maintain, or to reach. Many companies look outside of the company for people with the right educational background instead of hiring from within. This, greatly limits the potential for advancement of workers, who lack formal education. For people to move up in the social hierarchy, they must obtain higher education to prevent couples of years at a lower level position. Thus, the change in the workplace influences the educational system. People, who miss college education remains into a nonsufficient salary, where they can hardly cover their expenses, and bills. This cause creates, not only a lack in market, but, also it influence on the ability to produce money for a better life. Moreover, the process to



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