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Motorcycle Accident

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Motorcycle Accident

When I was about 16 years of age, I had a tragic motorcycle accident. I was racing at a non-local track in Lancaster, and actually winning. There was this huge jump that I had wanted to hit all day long, and finally I had gotten the nerve to go for it. I knew I had been going too fast for the jump but I jumped anyway and ended up over jumping it. The accident had made me go unconscious for almost 5 minutes, the paramedics had woken me up and indeed I was hurting badly. They called in a helicopter to life-flight me to Columbus, which I don't remember in anyway. The accident had a toll on my life for quite some time. Firstly, the physical strain it put on my body was unbearable. I had a severe concussion, severe trauma to my liver, I lost complete feeling in my left leg, and I had a total of five ribs broken. Secondly, the wreck had a major toll on my mentality towards riding motorcycles. I was scared to even get back on my motorcycle after the wreck. It took a total of 6 months for me to be able to get back on the bike. Lastly, the accident had a major toll on my family. My family was put under unbearable stress. They had the stress from the medical bills and as well as seeing me in pain. This motorcycle accident had a miraculous toll on my life; physically, mentally, and emotionally.



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