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Music Industry and Society Have Always Been Intimately Related

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Essay Preview: Music Industry and Society Have Always Been Intimately Related

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Music industry and society have always been intimately related. Music holds a strong, essential, and definitive role in reflecting and shaping the culture of every society, every country. It unifies groups of people and moves them to common action and helps them express common emotions. Through the years, OPM has evolved, and has been experimented with myriad of genre-styles by many Filipino artists who each left their marks in the OPM history.Much of OPM have been influenced by the colonial legacies by the western like Western rock n’ roll, hip-hop music and pop music from the United States.

Darren Espanto,Sarah Geronimo,Silent Sanctuary and Gloc 9 are only some of popular music artists in today’s generation in the Philippines.From their notable genres,signature songs,awards,best selling albums,numerous mall shows or concerts and fans;music industry has brought them to their stepping dimension,popularity and success in their career from their own hardwork and small beginnings.One can ask how did they achieve their today’s stature?

Entering music industry is a big challenge for new artists who wants to promote their to the masses not only for entertainment but also for the business side.Jensen and the Flips band was able to share their perspectives and knowledges to become a successful music artist.First,one important thing is the credibility on record labels like Starmusic,MCA,Universal etc. or become an independent artist.Record labels take care of everything else.Because of the changing shape of the music industry,records labels wants an artist to be proven before they can consider an artist,a large fan base and need some songs to be belt out and more than just a recording can bring more challenging role for a new artist.Unlike independent artist can promote their music in their own way and control.Knowledge in songwriting is essential to produce a music that can remembered throughout and have a feeling of LSS(Last Song Syndrome) targeting a large audience that many can relate to the song.That’s why every word,phrasing and timing to background music are very important for songwriter or singer-songwriters.Essential for a music track is how they compose and edited so that vocals will be balanced in the background music and creates harmony.Today,there are now many accessible softwares for music production like Logic pro X,Audacity and Protools etc just like Anne Curtis whose vocals is said has not much excellent singing skills can be beautified and enhanced using these softwares.Lastly,on music distribution is a step on how will your music be distributed for the target audiences knowing how will they respond to your newly created music track.It can be distributed through social media,Spotify,Itunes and the like.

An aspiring music artist must take first the different aspects and considerations in before pursuing their music career in able to fulfill their passion.It may be a big investment for yourself in terms of



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