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Musical Influences

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Music has always been a major part of my life. I've always enjoyed listening to it and being open-minded in discovering new genres. There isn't one style of music I won't give a chance and more than likely take pleasure in. I honestly do listen to everything from soft rock to dancehall to trance to metal. However my absolute favorite type of music I have grown up listening to is classic rock. By classic rock, I mean anything from 1960-1990.

When I was a child, my parents, (father especially), always listened to the classics. I soon knew all the lyrics to every Elton John, Billy Joel, and Beatles song. I learned that most of these musicians I was listening to wrote their own music and lyrics. This was very impressive and inspiring to me. You don't hear about many musicians in pop culture today who are as multitalented as the greats of back in the day. There's so much more emotion and meaning to the songs as opposed to the pop music of today. I'm drawn to guitars, drums, and raw vocals because it is so much more emotional. This is so much more difficult to identify in music produced with MIDI.

I love what these classic rock bands stand for. They played what they wanted to and didn't listen to anyone else. They played about peace, love, and sticking it to the man. My favorite band of all time is The Doors. No other band has that type of sound. Jim Morrison was an incredible poet and vocalist. And I love the way the organ played by Ray Manzarek fits perfectly with all the other instruments.

Classic rock is the music I grew up listening to. It will never get old for me. I can listen to it any time of day. It has helped me to be open with my feelings and to stand up for what I prefer and believe in.



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