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My Hello

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Reading Autobiography

Mrs. Hicks

English 1

Octrevia Jefferson

Southwind High school

September 6, 2013

English is my most feared subject. I hated writing and I despise reading, but I learned that the most important solution of conquering my fear of writing is to read.

I have come a long way down my road of knowledge and learning English throughout my life. The earliest I began developing my reading skills, as I can remember, was when I was a toddler sitting in front of the TV watching Sesame Street and other educational shows. My family and I often sang the ABC song until I was able to sing it alone. Because of that, I learned how to identify each letter when displayed to me by my mom and dad. My family often rewarded me for remembering the letters with candy. I found this to be very encouraging because I really loved chocolate and it was the only time I could eat as much chocolate as I wanted to. As a result, I found myself looking at a lot of children books that contained humongous letters and beautiful pictures.

During my childhood years, Dr. Seuss played a big role in my language acquisition and creativity. He opened up my imagination and somewhat made me want to read more. I found myself really drawn to these books as my mother read them to me while in her arms. For the most part, I was amazed by what those pictures and letters were telling my mother, so I attempted to get those pictures and letters to communicate with me. I continued to practice my reading skills and for this reason, I began to love reading with a passion.

Transitioning into elementary school was somewhat exciting for me. I remember spending a lot time in school learning how to be literate. We learned our alphabet, how to sound out each letter, how to use these sounds to create words, and eventually how to string these words into full sentences. Elementary school for me was a breeze. I always looked at elementary school like they're teaching me what I need to know in order to proceed to the more advanced grades. I was always an Honor Roll student every year from first through the fifth grade. Everything was easy to me in Elementary school, but when I got in middle school, my whole outlook on English period changed.

Knowing that I'm the kind of person who would choose a movie over a book any day of the week, I rarely read for pleasure. The only time I would read novels was in school. The only book in middle school I ever read that caught my interest in reading was "The



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