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My Homeland

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Christian Chavez


April 17, 2019

My Homeland

The weather was cold and gray at this time of year in Stockton. The trees were all leafless, with fall now just a thought in the wind. Winter break was just a few days away, and my classmates were looking forward to staying in comfort of their homes, away from stressful assignments and exams. Not for me though, a long and treacherous trip was lying ahead of me and my family, to my homeland.

My homeland is in history-rich Mexico, a place called Durango. As a young and curious boy, I was filled with excitement head to toe. Getting to see new members of my family on my mom’s side. The journey to this region of Mexico would take two to three days by car. Upon arrival on the other hand, my expectations have exceeded the roof.

Durango was a beautiful region, to someone who was never traveled out of the country before. The little town that my grandparents lived was mostly big farms and small pueblos. The house where my grandparents lived was smaller than our house in the states, but they lived on a ranch with lots of livestock.

Home-cooked meals every day, with ingredients straight out of the ground. My great-grandmother and great-grandfather lived with my grandma in the ranch, I was astonished that they were still here on this Earth, older and wiser than ever. The chickens they had were as fast as cheetahs when I chase around in the backyard. As my trip was coming to an end, my emotions and love for my homeland surged tremendously.

 I became sadder and sadder as the days continued to fly by, but eventually the day had come and it was time to leave Mexico. We were all upset that it was time to go but winter break was almost over and we had to head back to the states.  On that trip I learned to value family that I don’t get to see often and value time with them. Just remember to see family once in a while.



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