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Lars and The Real Girl is a really good movie it started off a little boring at first and it really didn't grab my attention until I started to actually start developing a connection with the Lars. I felt his pain to just want to be to fit in and be seen as a normal human being not as the awkward, shy, eccentric childlike man. Throughout the movie you could really tell that people cared about Lars to go out their way to make things seem like it was ok with them that he had this unreal girlfriend. I was really confused with the fact that they did not really know what caused him to have this delusion rather it was a genetic process or just something he picked up on to get attention. Part of me felt as though Lars was doing these things for attention but once I started to notice some of his symptoms I notice it was much more to what was going on with him. His symptoms were hypersensitivity to touch, facial Tics which are the eye blinking, delusions that a sex doll is actually a real person and his girlfriend, and auditory hallucinations were he hears "her" speak to and yell at him. I think it properly diagnosis in way because of the hypersensitivity to touch was due to some kind of childhood trauma and therefore should be taken as a separate issue. I admired his sister in law Karin for noticing something was wrong and wanted to help him. I thought his brother was very selfish and a way and he really did not acted like he even cared about Lars. My heart really mourn for Lars because he was well liked he just wanted to be normal.

Lars is a 27 year old man living in his family home garage by himself. Some characteristic that I really like about Lars was the fact that he loving, helpful and caring for the people around him although he did not want to be touched most of time nor be around friends or family. While watching this movie I was trying to diagnosis Lars myself at first I really felt like he was schizophrenic because of his hallucinations of the doll speaking to him. As I started to see the way he acted towards things I started to think he could probably have a schizoid personality disorder because he did not enjoy relationships, never really did anything out of the ordinary, less interest in sex, was very indifferent, and also he showed emotional coldness, and detached from his social life (Butcher, 346). I felt like he developed this problem from the death of father and the death of his mother while giving birth to him. For me personally, I have always felt a little bit different from everyone else and I sympathize with Lars. Sometimes we are all looking to be treated like normal and to overcome our fears and anxieties about life. I feel like it is almost impossible for this movie not to touch you emotionally and especially your heart. I felt like everyone around him learned to accept him and understand him while along the way we learn about ourselves and how we can be better people. The most heartbreaking thing about



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