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Essay Preview: Narcissism

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Virtual social contact is classified as communicating through mobile/smart phones or web sites. The definition of social media is “the relationship that exists between network of two people” (Walter & Riviera, 2004). As the years go by, the online world has advanced tremendously. With the invention of social media and smart phones, many young people, both men and women can now exchange their feelings, ideas, pictures and videos at ease. With the existence of technology, the world is just at our fingertips. We get access to almost everything, everywhere and anywhere. Schill (2011), however said that social media sites are actually encouraging negative behavior in students who are teenagers such as procrastination. They are also most likely to abuse drinking and also drugs.

It is seen as a norm that many students nowadays spend most of their time on social media and on their mobile devices. A few examples of social media that is used the most are Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and many more. Nonetheless, social media actually causes social anxiety in college students. This may be due to the stress and competition that teenagers nowadays have to face in school.

Social media sites (Facebook), provides a space to where people can create the face that they want the world to see. By creating a profile, it allows someone to project an image to present to others. This could reflect to their self-esteem. People with low self-esteem will most likely delete some bad posts as they would like to remain the reflection that they intend to portray. However, higher esteem people spend a lot of time creating their profile by adding pictures and information about themselves to show everyone their persona (Schwartz,2010).

Facebook has also increases people’s anxiety levels by making them feel inadequate and making them worried and stress. Since social media always has constant updates, this motivates people to check on their status or newsfeed constantly. Some people also have a constant feel to check for updates and only feels relief when the mobile device is turned offed. Over half of the study actually felt uneasy when unable to access their social media and email accounts (Kalpidou, Costin and Morris, 2011).

Another study was also carried out to where people start to have eating disorders to what Facebook messages portray. This is due to the anxiety of having their photo or even posts being ‘liked’ (Annalise & Pamela,20140). It is a serious issue where an individual eating disorder is at risk.

A study was also carried out where anxiety and alcohol use can significantly predict the emotional connectedness to Facebook. According to (Clayton,2013), students that reported higher level of anxiousness and alcohol use, actually appeared to be more emotionally connected with the social networking site. On the other hand, students who have higher level of loneliness



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