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Nature Environment as Restoration and Motivator to Tourist

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Essay Preview: Nature Environment as Restoration and Motivator to Tourist

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Nature Environment as Restoration and Motivator to Tourist
Sophiea Anak Jeffery Duncan
3 May 2018


Nature is linked to relaxation for human being.  Nature has a restorative effect to human wellbeing especially the mental awareness, alertness, cognitive performance, and it even can affect the human heart beat.  Many might said that natural element not necessary the natural view, even the sound also able to restore an individual mental wellness which will lead to physical health.  Restoration also linked with relaxation and spiritual.  According to Macmillan, A, 2017 in her article on natural sound has a restorative effect to human health, she mention that when a person restore himself or herself, they can reach a spiritual level in their life.  However, according to her research when a human in relaxing mood does not mean them in restoration phase and vice versa.  In tourism, restoration is in the shape of travelling or having a recreational vacation in which the individual doing an activities to release all of their tension or pressure in attain their routine and their life responsibilities.  Restoration can happen when the person engage with an activity or destination that has a calm, peaceful, and beautiful element in it.  Usually, the type of activity or destination has those element is the natural based tourism in which the tourist or traveler blend themselves with nature such as viewing and experience the uniqueness of flora and fauna without any mixture with man-made element in it.  Nature tourism know as it ability to relaxing and restore the one who engage with it.  Some might confuse either spiritual tourism has the same value and function as it in restoring an individual.


Restoration can be define in vary ways.  Restoration can either being known as keeping something or turn something back to its original or normal condition in which it not in any harm or risky state.  Relaxation cannot being define as restoration, however being restore can become a relaxation process for a human.  Being satisfy in life or experience especially in tourism scenario also known to be as restoration.  In reaching a certain of spiritual level for either spiritual seeker or pilgrimage tourist, one need to be going through the restoration phase or process.  Restoration in tourism term also define as the motivator for a tourist or traveler to travel.  It can become the pull and push factor that influence one in making a decision to escape the reality of life.  According to Pearce, 2005 the important factor in travelling is to be relax and escape from the reality of life.  No human can one hundred percent focus on their same routine over and over again every day without any rest and relaxation.  It will cost the health of that person in future.  Working without resting especially escape a while from pressure will harm the mental and human physical as well.  So the best way to value life and treasure your health is by going for vacation.  Restoration through nature is not a short cut to reach the spiritual in life or complete one of the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, which is the summit of his pyramid figure or also known as ‘Self-Actualization’ or recently known as ‘Self Transcendence.  The self-actualization narrated about spiritual and altruism in a person in which the individual as according to him recognize to be achieving the higher goal in life.  While in spiritual tourism, restoration not only mean a person can only restore themselves through religion however, as long as a person belief he or she able to free their spirit and reach the summit of calmness and peaceful in life which they believe able to satisfy they life.  It known also as restoration in life.


Nature is restorative

The idea of nature all in all, the physical universe, is one of a few developments of the first thought; it started with certain center uses of the word by pre-Socratic thinkers, and has consistently picked up cash from that point onward. This utilization kept amid the coming of present day logical strategy in the last a few centuries. Inside the different employments of the word today, "nature" regularly alludes to geography and untamed life. Nature can allude to the general domain of living plants and creatures, and sometimes to the procedures related with lifeless objects– the way that specific sorts of things exist and change voluntarily, for example, the climate and geography of the Earth. It is frequently interpreted as meaning the "regular habitat" or wilderness– wild creatures, rocks, woods, and as a rule those things that have not been considerably changed by human mediation, or which persevere regardless of human intercession. For instance, fabricated items and human collaboration by and large are not thought about piece of nature, unless qualified as, "human instinct" or "the entire of nature". This more conventional idea of normal things which can in any case be discovered today infers a refinement between the regular and the manufactured, with the counterfeit being comprehended as that which has been brought into being by a human awareness or a human personality. Contingent upon the specific setting, the expression "characteristic" may likewise be recognized from the unnatural or the otherworldly.  Nature and restoration is linked well for human wellbeing.  According to Praag, C, 2017 in her book on the nature is the best stress reliever, she mention that in tourism many people will choose natural based vacation especially the tourist who live at urban area and not exposed to nature will seek for the ‘greener’ scenery.  The nature believe and proven to be good reason to escape from stress and pressure life.  So, the tourist in which come from the first world country will tend to go for nature based tourism.  This will conclude, when an individual seek for a place to restore themselves from a busy, hectic, stressful, and tired person to their normal self which is more positive in life, value life more, love others, and cheerful person they will absolutely choose nature which has a calmness element along with it fresh air which able to give the ultimate fresher oxygen and far from pollution will boost the emotion and focus which will lead to more positive belief and decision in life.  That how the nature can become a restoration to an individual.



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