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New Approach to Prototyping

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I recommend it to use some new approach to prototyping when it develops new models.

The prototypes should not be only built with technology but also equipments and workers that who are more like those found in a factory environment. To put it more specifically, they can use pre-production tools in early prototyping and involving supplyies in both design and prototyping.

As a conclusion of these recommendations´╝îit can make the products develop more faster and shorten the design cycles. What is more, the new approach to prototyping helps them cover the problem of the new product as early as possible.

However, it may constrain the flexibility and creativity of the prototype parts. So the best

way is to find a solution for both of it.

construction of prototypes. It wasn't

really a good move for prototypes to be built with technology, equipment and workers that

were more like those found in a factory environment.

What do you recommend Carl-Peter Forster do about the 7-series prototypes? What should he do about future development projects?

I recommend him that the cockpit components should be fabricated with pre-production grade tools. Because the tools are made to exact specifications.

In the future development projects, they can involve suppliers in both design and prototyping. Prototypes should build with technology, equipment and workers that were more like those found in a factory environment. If there is a problem with the tool design, the part, or the process, they have time to correct it before actual production starts.



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