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Our motto in the NJROTC program at blank is “In Service To Others”. This term is also commonly referred to as “Non Sibi Sed Patriae”, which means “Not For Self, But For Country”. These terms mean a great deal to me, not only has my family served, but I am being raised in a strict asian household by my mom, and a militant like household by my dad. Both households have taught me responsibility and self discipline.

In joining the NJROTC program, I have expanded the skills I have learned at home, and learned new skills. I believe these terms have allot to do with humanity and global citizenship, which is to believe we as a planet are one giant community, that helps each other, and puts each others needs before yourselves. The words resonate a life motto to me, and I try everyday to remember this. I fail to remember these terms a good amount of the time. This statement is a promise, “ I will put others before myself from now until death”. I do not like lifelong promises, but I am dedicated to this program, it has become a lifestyle, I will do my best not to fail the company, for I myself wanna see this company thrive. I know I am no longer a PCPO, and people do not see me the same, but I have learned, you have to learn to follow, in order to Lead.

I take the loss of my position as a learning experience, I am going to use this as a second chance to make myself more disciplined and more selfless, so that when I get another leadership position, I will be the best I can and teach others to the best of their ability, therefore making the company thrive as a whole. There are many great examples in the military that exhibits Selflessness. Almost Every Officer in the military puts others before themselves.

My one great aspiration in life, is to become an officer in the Marine Corps. In order for me to achieve such a title, I will have to learn the values of Responsibility, Self Discipline, and Selflessness. “In Service To Others” means to me, you have to take others needs or burdens upon yourself in order to lead. I remember an example of “In Service To Others” from the movie 13 Hours, "He died in a place he didn't need to be, in a battle over something he doesn't understand, in a country that meant nothing to him." - Jack Silva. This quote means allot to me, not only did many Brave men die in those 13 hours, but they did a service this country can not repay. The group of specialists that were in Benghazi at the time, didn't need to be there, they were there to protect an ambassador who the people didn't respect and got KIA during a firefight. We could of just gave up and left, but the remainder of the civilians there could not fight off the terrorist group. Jack Sylva's team fought for hours to protect people they didn't know or possibly even care for. I firmly believe that the term “In Service To Others” is the epitome of each American Soldier,



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