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Non-Verbal Communication

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Why are the skills of non-verbal communication important especially today? A newspaper article written by Rachael Langford (2006) states 60 to 80 percent of communication is non-verbal (Langford 2006). I work to use third person only when writing formal research papers have concluded that non-verbal communication is important in many ways. One reason is that we use the non-verbal communication in our daily lives without thinking twice about what we are doing. The second reason is if we were to have a better understanding of non-verbal communication, there would be fewer misunderstandings. The last reason why non-verbal communication is important is that it is important for personal and professional relationships to have face-to-face contact. Being aware of non-verbal communication will foster better relationships, both personal and professional. Good introductory paragraph.

Being aware of non-verbal communication is the first step to understanding others better. There are wide varieties of ways to use the non-verbal communication. We use many of these ways without even thinking about it. For instance, we may shake our head and say no at the same time, which is called a repeating action (Barker & Gaut, 2002). We may also substitute hand gestures for words or explain descriptions of objects with hand gestures (Barker & Gaut, 2002). I personally cannot tell a story without using my hands. By being aware of certain non-verbal cues from other individuals, could make or break a deal, or even a job. Being talented to read other individuals could be a benefit in certain situations. In a scholarly journal, called Negotiation, the author mentions mimicking another person's body posture (Negotiation, 2008). Being aware of your body posture compared to the person across from you during an interview could clue an individual in on how well the interview is going (Negotiation, 2008) The journal explains how mimicking a person's posture is a sign of building rapport with that individual, and it is in reality a compliment (Negotiation, 2008). The journal also explains how many people, and I am at fault for doing this, may show one emotion on their face but feel another emotion inside. If my boss comes up to me with a project when my plate of work is already full, I will put on a smiling face and take the project. On the inside, I am thinking 'if I get one more piece of work, I am going to scream.' Being straightforward with the individual by using words, and not expecting him/her to read your mind, is the best way to avoid misunderstandings. Being aware of facial expressions helps, but opening your ears to listen is also critical to communication.

The way our voice fluctuates, our dress, and our facial expressions are all ways that humans stereotype and can lead to miscommunication. I remember being a kid misbehaving and my father would say 'Reba, I am not mad, I am just disappointed,' but he would be yelling the phrase at me and I would be extremely confused as a kid. If you were to yell at me, then you were definitely mad at me. My mother would point her finger and shake it at me if she was upset with me. Now, I will point my finger and shake it at the dog if she misbehaves. Thanks, mom. Voice fluctuation can be misleading non-verbal communication, but then again so can the way we dress.

The book Communication no need to actually mention the book. Only need the information from it with the in text citation by Barker and Gaut explains how dress alone can affect



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