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Norman England

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Norman England

By: Kimberly Anne Lum

-In September 1066, Hardrada King of Normandy invaded the east coast of England with a fleet on 300 ships for his own claim.

-September 20th, 1066 Hardrada joined forces with Tostig (brother of Harold II, of at the time) and invaded the E.coast of England with a fleet of 300 ships for his claim.

-The force defeated an English army in Fulford and took York.

-The Battle of Stamford Bridge: Harold II marched North to the threat and defeated the force slaying both Hardrada and Tostig.

-William the Bastard, King of Normandy believed he was promised the English thrown by Edward the Confessor. His force lands on the south coast of England in Pevensey.

-October 14th, 1066 King William of Normandy triumphs over Harold the II, slaying Harold and many Saxon nobles.

-On December 25th, 1066 William of Normandy is crowned William I (William the Conqueror)

-Now King, William instructed Norman rule in the south west, Yorkshire and the midlands from his base in south east England. By 1070, 200 Norman and English barons replaced around 4,000 English Earls.

-In 1070, the first Norman stone castle was built. The Normans introduced the motte and bailey type castles to England.

-Marcher Lords were set in, instructing people to recognize the over lordship of King William.

-In 1805, William decided to survey his English Realm. The information became known as the Domesday book (Domesday means 'day of judgement'). No other country had a record that complete at the time and the Domesday book still remains a legally valid document.

Example of a Motte and Bailey Castle. The Domesday Book.

-On August 1st 1086 William the Conquerors tenants and even major land holders swore loyalty to him.

-William the Conqueror became ill and died in Rouen, Normandy on August 1st, 1086.

-His first son Robert became King of Normandy, his second son William II was expected to succeed in England and his third son Henry gained a large sum of money.

-The Bayeux Tapestry is the story of Harold II, William the Conqueror, Earl Wessex. Shows the defeat an invasion of the Normans.

A scene from the Bayeux Tapestry; known to be the most famous visual testimony of Norman Conquest.

The tapestry was commissioned by the Earl of Kent and the Bishop of Bayeux soon after the conquest to Celebrate Norman



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