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Not Making Your Decision Predictable

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Essay Preview: Not Making Your Decision Predictable

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Not Making Your Decision Predictable.

Reaching to a conclusive decision is never easy. One big decision that I made in my life, was whether to attend higher education at Washington state university, or to stay here and attend highline community college which was more convenient. All throughout out high school WSU was the only school on my mind. It was far from my parents' house which meant a whole a lot of freedom, two of my best friends were also going to attend the school. But the one big reason why I was so attached to this school was because my older brother goes there. Fortunately these reasons weren't enough to make a decision that's going to change my life significantly for the next four years.

In his book Predictably Irrational Dan Arily said, "To make informed decision we need to somehow experience and understand the emotional state we will be in at the other side of the experience. Learning how to bridge this gap is essential to making some of the important decisions of our lives". That's exactly what I did. I went around and simply just asked people to better understand and educate my self. The question was how can I benefit my self by attending community college first as a pose to starting at a four year university? The answer I got was very convincing to say the least, small class sizes which meant better interaction with professors. Being a kind of learner that prefers an educational environment where there are small groups and discussion, it was a big deal for me. Also with economy being the way it is, it was very essential that I looked at the financial side of it.

From a cultural stand point if u were to land in some big university that everyone recognizes, you were talked about by parents and family, you were respected around the house. But if you attend a two year college that must mean one thing, you weren't smart enough to get accepted. Well in my case I was smart enough but I had come to realization that I'm not going to a certain school just to please my family and be with my friends or because my brother goes there. If I go to a certain school it would be because the school has a great learning environment and has the course I want to take, with professors that teach students not because they have to but they enjoy and are passionate about what their teaching the students. If the main thing you're missing from not attending a four year university out of high school is the experience of dorm life then I rather stay here for two years and transfer to a university with my mind set on what I want to major in. When it comes down to it, the decision whether or not to attend a community college is one that depends upon your personal preferences, your education and career goals and the type of degree program you plan to pursue. For me it was the best choice because it gave me a smooth transition from



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