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Novel 'maestro' Review

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Essay Preview: Novel 'maestro' Review

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Both Paul and Keller in the novel 'maestro' feel remorse when looking back on their past. They both find themselves dissatisfied with their lives, but for different reasons. This is a novel about disappointment and loss, it is also study of regret and the consequence of decision.

Paul is 15 years old as a young boy. He's 'smugness' was accentuated throughout the whole story. Paul is the only child in his family, his parents take good care of him and give him a lot of support, he always receives praise from his mother and appreciated by his friends. Until the first piano lesson, he was embarrassed by Keller. Keller didn't let Paul play, because he knows how they sound. Keller said "You are my best student, one in thousand, but a concert pianist is one in a million." But Paul never listened to Keller and was too proud to recognize and to accept it. Paul think himself is good enough so he never improved. The nature of self-centered ambition on Paul that will contribute to the mistake he makes.

Paul's impulsiveness and dismissiveness is revealed by his choice to leave Keller as he begins to 'open-up' to Paul about his secret and tragic past. "I love him, in many ways, but I loved Rosie more." Because of Paul's insensitivity, he didn't realize the significance of the confession for Keller and he will never know the truth surrounding Keller. He has missed the only chance he had to really connect with Keller on a deep level. Paul is self-satisfied and angered by an of Keller's advice. Paul decides to visit Rosie in Melbourne rather than go to Keller. Rosie's friends praise Paul's piano playing. From this we can see that Paul would rather be praised in his self satisfaction than hear truth and learn to improve from Keller.

Until one day, Paul discovers the whole tragic story of Keller's past. Paul finally realizes that Keller's tragedy occurred out of his own fatal-pride. As a result, he learns to be less self-centered and to think about the needs of others and the reality outside the ego.

Keller's arrogance and insensitivity has blind him to the happenings of the real world. He thought he will protect his family if he played well for Hitler. However, he underestimated the extent of evil, and his arrogance and insensitivity caused the death of his wife and son. Keller made mistake which is he trust the Nazis. He would never forgive himself, so he half cut his little finger. He also registered himself as a Jew, he wanted to die to join his family, but he lacked to courage to kill himself. Instead, he decided to live in pain as a punishment. And even in Darwin, Keller maintained his isolation from the rest of the communities and locked himself in that "hot steamy room".

For instance on Keller's strict attitude towards Paul may be seen as excessive or even



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