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Murdered in the 8th Grade - Article Review

Essay by   •  March 21, 2011  •  Article Review  •  233 Words (1 Pages)  •  2,132 Views

Essay Preview: Murdered in the 8th Grade - Article Review

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The article "Murdered in the 8th grade" talks about a young man, Lawrence King, that was only 15 years old and he attended E.O. Green Junior High. He wasn't like every other boy. He wore stilettoes, painted his fingernails pink with glitter, and he even gelled his hair into a bouffant. He didn't have the best childhood. His mother was a drug addicted and his father wasn't in the picture. Dawn and Greg King took him in at the age of 2years old. When they received Larry they were told he was behind in his eating. He also had a speech impediment, which made it hard for people to understand him. He repeated the 1st grade because he had trouble reading. Larry was also diagnosed with reactive attachment disorder, a rare dis order where children never bond with their parents or caregivers.

At the age of 10 Larry already had his mind made up that he was gay. His best friend Averi Laskey asked him one day and he responded "yeah, why?" She didn't care either way but he began to tell other students and that's where it really began. Kids started talking about him, making rude remarks to him and avoiding him at recess. A couple of girls even started a "burn book" about Larry. A burn book is a book where a group of people talk about people they don't like



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