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Nsw for the Aboriginal Mental Problem

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The NSW policy research shows conducted on the mental health of aboriginal people of Canada shows that they face a unique set of mental health state problems. However, from the results of the research study, it can be noted that Aboriginal community about 70% of their members living in reserves felt between spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally connected with their fellow sub-clan members. And, Aboriginal people who live in towns or reserves when they experience mental health sickness where more likely to visit medical advice than the rest of Canadians. Thus, shows a positive step from Aboriginal people towards healing. In some areas, the level of Aboriginal people was as high as 17% which was higher when compared to the 8% which represents the average Canadian. Additionally, these numbers are expected to be high if more mental health centers are set up in isolated areas.


            The analysis conducted on the causes of mental health among Aboriginal people showed serious concerns about mental state and communal troubles such as drugs and substance abuse, addiction, violence, and perversity among the community members. The loss of human life through suicide is a disastrous reality among the Aboriginal members who experience more suicidal deaths than any other community in Canada. The suicidal rate is shockingly high at 6 to 11 times the average Canadian. Moreover, 27% of the Aboriginal people who have died since 1999 have been suicides which makes it one of the highest suicidal rates in the world and it is increasing instead of reducing among the youths. The results show that the females have a high record of suicide attempts than males in the Aboriginal community. However, this trend is also recorded in the overall Canadian population.

             The analysis shows that depression is a life-threatening sickness which may lead to mental illness. The Canadian Aboriginal people experience depression twice more than the average Canadians. The data analysis it shows that 16% of the Aboriginal adults living in rural areas experienced more depressions as compared to those living in towns and cities who recorded 8% depression cases. In the study, the First Nations people who experienced depression and said it interfered with their life was at 26%, compared to 16% of the total Canadian population. However, from the data collected it shows that 75% of the Aboriginal community think alcohol is a major problem to their society. 33% said alcohol is the cause of trouble in their family. 23% said they had their own problems with alcohol. Interestingly, lower than average numbers of Aboriginal adult’s drink alcohol which represents 66% of their adult population compared with 76% of the overall population. Additionally, it can be said that Aboriginal society consumes 5 or more drinks on one juncture on a weekly routine.



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