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Essay Preview: Obesity

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1. Identify the social, economic, psychological, legal, political etc. aspects of obesity for the individual and for society as a whole?

The individual experiences many hardships in many aspects of life when they are obese or overweight. Our society judges people based on there weight, and usually has a negative reaction on obese or overweight individuals. Psychologically the obese person feels that they could reach happiness if they were thin, but weight loss is slow and hard to maintain, and this can create a viscous cycle with feelings of failure and sometimes additional weight gain. Economically being obese is a burden on the health care system. Studies have shown that overweight people are sometimes discriminated in the workplace, which is illegal. Society puts blame on the individual for obesity, but should consider genetic factors, environment and economic status.

2. What are barriers to obesity treatment?

Barriers to obesity treatment include the number of fat cells. Once fat cells are created they stay present. They can shrink in size but do not die. This makes weight gain very easy for a person that has already been overweight. Also obesity factors are specific in each individual. Some people have a slower metabolism and have a genetic predisposition to being overweight. Weight loss is a life long fight and can be frustrating.

3. Pick up your favorite magazine or a newspaper and find an advertisement for a weight loss product/service. Comment on the following:

Explain the product/service name *Quicktrim weight loss supplement

What caught your eye/attention to read about this product/service - The glossy print, a celebrity endorsing it, pictures of thin women in bathing suits looking happy, words like rapid weight loss and beautiful.

Explain why/how the product/service works - Take 1-2 capsules twice a day in the morning and at night to remove toxins and impurities out of your system and speed up metabolism. This product uses thermogenics for weight loss. It also includes a work out manual.

Does it represent a healthy approach to weight management - The pills would not be useful for long term use and does not adjust the diet of the person. This is not a healthy approach to weight management.

There are literally hundreds of these products and services so there shouldn't be any repeats among students!

4. Has your perception of obesity and obese people changed in completing these readings and this assignment? How?

My perception of obesity has changed.



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