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One Stop Shop in Rural Area

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Essay Preview: One Stop Shop in Rural Area

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Survey done in: Chimur

Dist: Chandrapur

Division: Nagpur (Vidharbha)

State: Maharashtra.

Objective: To know a feasibility of introducing one stop shop of RCF in rural area.

Chimur is a town and a tehsil in Warora subdivision of Chandrapur district in Nagpur revenue Division in the Berar region in the state of Maharashtra, India.It is one of the Indian Parliamentary Constituency and also a Maharashtra Legislative Assembly Constituency.

Chimur is a taluka place of Chandrapur district in Maharashtra, India having a population of 30000. There is a Gram Panchayat and offices of the Tehsildar and Panchayat Samiti.Chimur is approachable by road from warora. Nearest railway station is Warora on the Wardha-Ballarpur-Hyderabad link. From Warora it is 55 km and a 110 km from Chandrapur. Regular bus service to Chimur is available from Nagpur which is at 115 km from Chimur. Also, Chimur is the center place from Wardha, Chandrapur, Gondiya, Bhandara, Gadchiroli and Nagpur. It is near about 100 km from all these district places.Chimur is the place from where the battle of freedom started. It is under development from many years.

Major crops: Wheat, Rice(Dhaan), Soyabin, Chillies

Weekly bazaar:-the weekly bazaar in chimur is on Tuesday and people from all the villages com here for the purchase of the daily necessities like food products , kirana store, household products, apparels, etc but there is no specific shops in the bazaar for the sale of fertilizers. The stores mentioned below acts the only source in the bazaar for the purchse of fertilizers or any farm products.

RCF in Chimur:

RCF is very much recognised brand in Chimur. The most popular product of RCF here is Ujwala 46%N commonly called as Urea. It has a huge demand in this area. Another product of RCF is Sujala which is called as 19:19:19 which is its NPK ratio that is Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potash and also there is RCF-DAP Diammonium Phosphate. As if now RCF is trusted brand in Chimur but supply of the products is not fulfilling the demands as demand for the RCF products in Chimur is very high but due to some reasons like unavailability of products to the dealers, supply is very less and for that farmers have to shift their choices. Most of the farmers purchase fertilizers from private Krushi-kendras where the price is quite high but due to unavailability of products farmers have to rely on such shops.

Other leading brands: Besides RCF there are some other brands which are working good in Chimur that are-

Godawari bio-fertilizers under brand 'BHUMILABH,' which is a organic bio-compost, manufactured & marketed by Somaiya Organo Chemicals,

Ankur fertilizersMuzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh (Rani),

Bayer Fertilizers (Spark,Whip),

Trishul Agro Industries, Rajkot.

IFFCO (Indian Farmers Fetilizers Cooperative Ltd)-DAP, Urea, NPK

One stop shop in Chimur:

'Kastakaar'.... Means Farmer in this area is under high pressure. When he is in need of something related to agriculture he doesn't get the right thing at the right time. He has to go far away from his place to buy fertilizers and other necessities so that he could get it in justified cost. Introducing One stop shop or mall in Chimur will definitely be welcomed by the farmers and other citizens because they are really waiting for such shops where they will get their all necessary things. According to the farmers in Chimur this is very good idea that RCF has thought of introducing One stop shops in rural areas. Farmer in this area is frustrated of being cheated by dealers, krushi-kendra owners and mediators because of their neglection towards them. Farmers badly want such malls in their village Chimur.

Response of the farmers about rural mall:

Farmers in Chimur showed positive reaction about rural mall. This kind of one stop shop will be the revolution in rural market according to them. They portrayed the real condition of customer that is farmer in the Chimur area as they are in this field from many years. Also there are some suggestions and recommendations they have given about the mall. These suggestions will definitely help RCF in understanding the consumer behaviour and what should they have to do for introducing such One stop shops in the rural areas like Chimur.

Name: Narendra Katekhae.

Occupation: farmer (Chimur & Nagbhid).

He has a huge farms in Chimur as well as Nagbhid talukas. He said, "Farmer in this area is basically uneducated and from many years they are been taken granted and neglected by government and krushi Kendra owners. If such mall will be introduced in this area, it will definitely



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