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Ottoman Empire Importance

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The Ottoman Empire was one of the three Muslim empires that arose during the time of the Mongol domination. The Ottoman Empire was the largest of the three, stretching its reign from North Africa to southern Russia and from Hungary to the port of Aden on the southern end of the Red Sea. Due to the rise of these three Muslim empires, a new Islamic civilization was blossoming with major achievements in arts and architecture. Competition between the three empires led to important political division and periodic military clashes among the Muslim world. The Ottoman Empire is important for various reasons.

The Ottoman Empire arose in the 13th and 14th centuries and was founded by another group of Turkic nomadic people migrating from the central Asian steppes. Overtime they were able to build an empire in eastern Mediterranean and rivaled the Abbasid dynasty at its prime. One importance of the Ottoman Empire was trade. Trade was critical in the Ottoman Empire because the goal of the empire itself was expansionism. In order to reach this goal, the Ottoman government sought to attract resources for revenue. Therefore, the government became tolerant of a broad spectrum of diversity in its inhabitants. This paved the way for more people (and resources) to flourish within the empire. This policy led the growth and extension of the Ottoman Empire's power. Another importance of the Ottoman was the siege of the Byzantine Empire's capital Constantinople in 1453. This started more crusades in efforts for Christians to recapture the city due to the fact Muslims had captured a great area of Christian Europe. The main change Ottomans did after the capture of Constantinople was rename the city from Constantinople to Istanbul. The Ottoman turned all the Christian buildings of Constantinople into Muslim buildings. They added mosque, sultans, powerful administrators built mansions, rest houses, religious schools and private gardens which all further beautified the city. This siege was a main factor in the decline of the Byzantine Empire, gained the Ottomans power and also spread Muslim domination.

Like all powerful empires, the Ottoman Empire soon came to a decline mostly due to the decline of the Sultanate. The Ottoman Empire was able to make its mark as a power Islamic nation in a time of much competition in the Muslim world itself and outside of the Islamic nation. The Ottoman Empire was importance for numerous reasons and their reign and achievements affected the world.



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