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Outline - the Majormacro Environmental Factors - Prius

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Essay Preview: Outline - the Majormacro Environmental Factors - Prius

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Out Line The Majormacro Environmental Factors Demographic Economic Natural Technological Poleical And Cultural That Have Affected Prius Sales How Toyota Dealt With Each Of These Factors outline the major macroenvironment factors that have affected prius sales. The Political, Economic and Social Contribution of Cultural Tourism in Three Asian Countries Different countries have different cultures. No matter it is a developing country or a developed country, it also has its own cultural characteristics to attract people from everywhere on earth to visit it. Tourists visit historical or heritage places, religious buildings or even performances in these countries, it is called "Cultural Tourism". Cultural tourism has a great effect in the change of economic, political and social contbution in the Asia countries. This essay will discuss the cultural tourism in three Asian countries, Hong Kong, China and Indonesia. It will look at how these three countries use their own cultural characteristic to attract tourists. It will look at the social contribution of cultural tourism and the effect of it on the economic. The first part of this essay will describe the cultural background of the three countries, Hong Kong, China and Indonesia. And how do they attract tourists by their own cultural characteristics. The second part will discuss the political of the three countries, including the change of government policies. The third part will discuss the change of economic in these three countries. And at the last part of this essay will discuss the effect of cultural tourism to the traditional culture and social contribution. Hundred years ago, Hong Kong was a small fishing village and undeveloped. Then it became a colony of the United Kingdom and developed at a high rate. At last, it became an international and multicultural city which contains Western, Eastern and others cultures. The political control of Hong Kong was passed back from United Kingdom to People's Republic of China in 1997 (Cheung 1999). Hong Kong is also called "Food Paradise" because there are so many kinds of delicious foods from different cultures. A lot of modern buildings can be observed in Hong Kong, but there are also lots of traditional buildings such as...



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