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Overview of As/400

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Chapter 1 AS/400 System Overview

1.1 Major Characteristics of AS/400

1.1.1 High Level of Integration

1.1.2 Object Orientation

1.1.3 Relational and Integrated Database

1.1.4 Data and Program Independence

1.1.5 Single-level Storage

1.1.6 SAA Conformance

1.1.7 Client/Server Technology

1.1.8 Domino Groupware Enabling

1.1.9 Internet, Intranet, and Web Enabling

1.1.10 SAP Enabling

1.1.11 e-business Solutions and the Net Generation

1.1.12 Year 2000 Ready Solutions

1.2 Operating System/400

1.2.1 The Integrated Operating System: OS/400

1.2.2 Java's Integration into the AS/400 System

1.3 AS/400 Advanced Series

1.3.1 A Full Range of Product Lines

1.3.2 Major Traits of the AS/400 System Units

1.4 AS/400e Series and e-business Solutions

1.4.1 e-commerce and e-business Solutions

1.4.2 AS/400e Series at a Glance

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1.1 Major Characteristics of AS/400

The AS/400 is IBM's new generation of full-range, multi-user, and general-purpose

computer system. Although it is generally considered a mid-range system, the AS/400 is a midrange

in price and size only. The power and functionality of the AS/400 are far more advanced than

its mid-range counterparts, such as System/36 and System/38. The higher-end models of the

AS/400 offer size and power comparable to the mainframes, although not with respect to cost.

AS/400 is reputed for its ease of use and high level of system integration that includes the

state-of-the-art system architecture, object oriented technology, and integrated database. More

recently, the AS/400 has made significant inroads into networking, client/server computing,

internet, intranet, and Web with the release of new system models, new version of operating

system, and software designed for the net generation. All in all, the AS/400 has become the server

of choice as the in the enterprise-wide internet, intranet, and client/server environment.

The system architecture of the AS/400 provides many distinctive features that form this

revolutionary system. These features include:

High level of integration

Object orientation

Relational and integrated database

Data and program independence

Single-level storage

SAA conformance

Client/Server technology

Domino groupware enabling

Internet, Intranet, and Web enabling

SAP enabling

e-business solutions and the net generation

Year 2000 Ready Solutions

1.1.1 High Level of Integration

One of the most distinctive features of the AS/400 system architecture is its high level of

system integration. Unlike traditional systems that generally separate their database and application

development tools from their operating system, the AS/400 offers a full-fledged operating system

that integrates most aspects of the machine and user interface. On the AS/400, the work

management, storage management, database, control language, query management, security

management, and

application development tools such as Data File Utility, Source Entry Utility, Programming

Development Manager, and Screen Design Aid are all preloaded and integrated into the AS/400

operating system. This high

level of integration offers the following advantages:

It provides a single, consistent interface to all the system functions.

It greatly reduces the cost of the system. For a traditional system, users frequently must

purchase the operating system, storage management,

database, and application development tools separately with significant add-on prices. For the

AS/400, users need only pay for the hardware and the operating system. The database and most

other utilities are preloaded and integrated into the operating system. All are shipped with the

operating system.

It greatly reduces the need for technical support, which has been traditionally provided by

systems programmers, database administrators, and technical support specialists. The high level of

integration means that the operating system now supports the system and management functions

of the database and utilities, which are now part of the operating system's structure.

1.1.2 Object Orientation

An object-oriented approach is fundamental to the system architecture of the AS/400. On

traditional systems only compiled programs are called objects. This is not true on the AS/400. In



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