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Palestine and Israel

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Essay Preview: Palestine and Israel

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Palestine and Israel

Israel and Palestine have been in war since 1948. Each year the death toll grows, innocents and civilians dying exponentially. Affecting the entire world, this war creates biases, anger, and issues amongst religious groups and countries. Terrorism ignites from extremists in reaction to the conflict. The problem has been going on for the last seventy years, longer than the Israelites even searched for the place. Considering that the problems between the two countries has become just as much about hatred as a land battle, it cannot end without either the complete destruction of one or both sides, or a third party intervening. The United Nations, established in 1945, was created with an intention of helping to achieve world peace. After World War II, they realized that the Jewish people needed a country for themselves and offered them their holy land back. Unfortunately, it was already being occupied by the Palestinians. Muslim by culture, the two groups clashed over religious and government, including that the Palestinians, for some reason, were not too happy about their land being given away. The United Nations took a distinctive side, giving Israel military aid refusing for Palestine to have any. The tension this war is creating is worldwide. It is up for the U.N. to help the people decide what the best solution is and to enforce that decision.

Genocide is defined as the destruction of an ethic, racial, or religious group of people. Israelis believed it was appropriate to think of numbers that are not accurate to the reality of the killing of people. Adolf Hitler, the man most famous for this crime, once said, "Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." Considering the success rate of his "lies," it seems to be a good look into how the hatred between the two people can grow so greatly. Israelis made a big lie that ended up destroying Palestinians. To make accusations of an inappropriate reality is unfair and unjust and is genocide. Seven-hundred-and-sixty-thousand Palestinians were expelled out of their country. The people who stayed died by the explosions that obliterated their cities and towns. Israel declared itself a state and started capturing Palestinian lands and territories, which were assigned to the Arab state. One-thousand-four-hundred-and-sixty-three children have been massacred, 6,430 Palestinians killed and forcibly removed from their homes, 45,041 injured, 5,300 imprisoned, all since September 29, 2000. No other country wants to get involved in the seventy year war, including those around them. Ninety-nine percent of my friends have had families and friends killed and exiled. I have talked with people who are devastated, who constantly hear news of someone else who has died. The war is not only untouched by those unharmed by these happenings, but it's not even common knowledge that it is going on or the extent of it. Israel has been accused of executing parents in front of children; they let dogs tear children's bodies piece by piece while the parents watch. "They chased her family and prevented them from reaching to her body, knowing that the dogs would eat it," describes a woman named Zayda (Attallah). Although Israelis believe these actions in this quote are acceptable, Palestinians do not feel it is justice. The viciousness of the war isn't even about winning anymore. It's about demolishing, demoralizing, and dehumanizing. It's inhumane to deny medical teams and food supplies into Gaza. This is a war crime, genocide and there must be a solution made as soon as possible.

War should not be made into a vicious, injustice war crime; it should be dealt with in a peaceful manner. It must be a well-organized manner where people of both sides have justice and neither is abusing the other. Some Israeli people believe, "Nothing good is going to come out of it unless they keep fighting all the way with this until they wipe them all out," "There is only one way to deal with cancer, you burn it out or you remove it," "They are forcing us to kill their children to defend our children," "Wherever there is terror no matter where they hide you got to get them out," and "I think they should just clear off all the city to just take it off the ground." The idea is that the war will end itself by wiping out the enemy, illustrating these Israelites opinion towards their foes. They consider them "cancer" and believe that it's them or us. The civilians cannot picture a life in harmony, thinking that if they stop fighting, they'd only leave themselves open for defense. However, this is unjust and as stated before war should not be made into a genocide. People are not "cancer" and they should be treated in a humane way. Palestinians do not believe that this form of fighting is justified so they do not perform these actions-instead they defend themselves. This is a great indication as to why a third party is needed to put an end to the crimes. When two men holding guns, neither will put theirs down in case the other uses the moment to make the kill. Certainly, mass genocide would put an end to the war, but I'd like to think there are other options. The Palestinians are not cancer for the Israelis. If anything, they are an allergen, a harmless presence that the body doesn't recognize and fears, making itself sick in attempts to cure itself. A good deal of allergies can go away with time, when the body begins to recognize that the perhaps the Palestinians only make it sick because they think there's something to fear.

Palestinians and Israelis beliefs differed. If there are two different logical reasons to how people think, there will be some type of quarrel and misunderstanding. Israelis choose to dominate their belief on the entire territory. The Israelis believe the land "belonged" to their ancestors. Not only that, but it is a holy place in which God gave to them as a "gift to assert they were truly his chosen people." According to the Old Testament, the people left Israel, the chosen land, due to a shortage of food. They traveled to Egypt in which they were made slaves for many years. The story of Moses is the beginning in which they escape the African rule and travel back to the Holy Land given to them. Of course, by that time, other people inhabited the area- those



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