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Pan India World Class Retail Network of Health Shops

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Essay Preview: Pan India World Class Retail Network of Health Shops

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Religare Wellness (formerly, Fortis Healthworld) is a pioneering endeavor within India's healthcare industry putting health solutions on the retail map. As a part of the vision of Fortis Healthcare and Religare Enterprises, Religare Wellness incorporates setting up of a Pan India World Class Retail Network of health stores that would provide comprehensive solutions under one roof.

Religare Wellness is an independent and ambitious extension to the vision that runs Fortis Healthcare. As a dream venture of the promoters of Ranbaxy Laboratories, Fortis Healthcare, India, was founded by the late Dr. Parvinder Singh, the architect of Ranbaxy's growth. It is driven by the founder's vision of "creating a world-class integrated healthcare delivery system in India, entailing the finest medical skills combined with compassionate patient care".

Vision of the company

To set up a Pan India World Class Retail Network of health shops providing comprehensive solutions under one roof, managed by a team of dedicated professionals utilizing cutting edge technology to ensure quality products and Value added services which are preventive, curative and supportive in maintaining the "Complete Health Store" of a family and society at large .

Products sold

Pharmaceutical preparations for the cardiovascular system, central and autonomic nervous system.

Pharmaceutical preparations for metabolism, nutrition, alimentary systems. Pharmaceutical preparations for urology, dermatology, gynaecology and obstetrics.


The salesperson whom I contacted for my project is basically a Medical Representative by Profession. Medical Representatives are basically the sales people of Pharmaceutical companies. The survival of a Pharmaceutical company depends upon the sales of its products which it is manufacturing. There comes in the need for employing Medical Representatives.

They are engaged to boost the sales. In order to promote the sale of medicine a medical representative has to contact physicians, hospitals, nursing homes, druggists, etc. in specified areas to introduce medical products of his company to promote sales. He is required to plan daily visits to doctors, hospitals, nursing homes, chemist shops, etc. in his area

Mr. Sunil Misra , the medical representative ofReligare Wellness CRS. The job of Mr. Misra is basically to introduce to physicians



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