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Party with a Vampire

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I hear all the sounds going on around me, the fire crackling downstairs, random movements in the bedroom, the fan whirring around In a circle, my music playing softly in the background, and then of course the leaves rustling outside of my window, but the one sound I want to hear, the one sound that I'm waiting for to make its sound waves to my eardrums, isn't coming. I sit by the phone waiting, just sitting, watching, for it to ring my 'Don't Trust me' ring-tone. Nothing. So I lay in this bed, listening, and the art of listening takes so much out of me, that my eyelids slowly shut and then I drift off into one of my nightly dreams that I get so often I almost think that it is real.

I'm running, far off into the night, away from this boy, he seems to be the same age as me, very attractive, but he looks angrily at me, and tries to bite into my neck , and then just like that, I feel something stir in my blood, and then it hits me like a bolt of lighting, and I collapse onto the ground as I look up to see him with fangs in his mouth dripping with blood as I drift off into unconsciousness . I wake up crying, wondering what this dream can ever mean. Then as soon as I awake I fall into a dreamless sleep, as I do every night since I've been ten, and now I'm 19, living in a very modern condo, not attending college.

The next morning when I awake to find the sun shining brightly through my big glass window, I get out of my bed that's too large for just me and walk to the bathroom doing my usual morning routine, taking a shower, brushing my straight hair, applying eyeliner, and then brushing my already white teeth. I ascend out of the bathroom to the kitchen and grab a plastic cup from the glass cabinet, and fill it with cold tomato juice, and then as soon I'm about to sit down and enjoy my usual morning drink, I hear my phone ring, and it's the person I awaited to hear from all night, my best friend calling to tell me the details of his party he is going to have tonight.

The moment I hang up I get my white flip-flops on and get into my huge hummer and drive to the mall. Now as you may thing, it is how it sounds, I'm filthy rich. I go to JCPenny's and go to the dress section, and look at all the sexy dresses, and as I'm about to turn to the next aisle of dresses I spot the most fabulous dress I've ever seen. The dress is a black leather dress down to my knees and it is held onto my neck by a diamond choker and it has rhinestones on the bottom right above the black lace ruffles, then I go onto the shoe section, picking out a strappy pair of silver high heels that are about an inch and a half high, I didn't want to get a pair of high heels that made me look too tall since I'm already at the height of five foot and five inches. After purchasing my attire for the evening, I go to the salon and get my hair trimmed and cut, and also add a manicure and pedicure to the already expensive bill. Since the party is at seven and I arrive home at five, I start to get my makeup applied, and then go into the shopping bag to retrieve my newly purchased clothing. After I'm all ready to go the party, I head to my car that is in the parking garage, and then go on my way to the party, when all of a sudden I see a very cute looking man my age walking down the street in very snazzy looking clothing. I pull over and ask him If he needs a ride, and he said he was going to a party at the same exact address I was going to.

As I pull up to the park, my best friend Danny comes to my car and gives me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek, and thanks me for coming, and then he turns to the strange, yet cute guy I hitchhiked to the party, and said "I see you two met, Lacy this is Jason, I met him at my karate class and figured since he's a new student Id welcome him to my party" and after that I turn to Jason and introduce myself and he smiles me with the most dreamy smile I've ever seen. This boy is taller than me by about six inches ,is muscular, but not too much, has very pale skin that is ever so clear, very bright green eyes, and dark black hair that is spiked. As the party starts to get crowded, I go to the drink table and grab a beer, and turn to see Jason so we start to talk, and I learn that he is single, from Romania, and that he is very charming and gentleman-like. As the night of talking with him went on, he asks me if I would like to escape from the noisy party and take a walk into the field next to the park, I get a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach but I decide he is harmless and walk with him. As we walk I realize he is tense, almost nervous. So I turn to him and ask him "Is something wrong?" and he just looks at me for a minute and said "I want to kiss you". I am stunned at him being nervous to kiss me and then he gets closer to me so fast that I don't even notice and kisses me on the lips softly and then goes down to my neck, and kisses me strongly and I let out a slight moan, but then he grabs my neck forcefully, and at that moment I look at him and I realize why I had a bad feeling about coming out here with him, he is the guy from my dream, and then I start to scream but he covers my mouth with his hand and I get so nervous I bite him, but he doesn't seem fazed by it and then the next second he is biting into my neck and I feel a warm fluid going down my neck onto my cleavage and a burning pain in my neck and then he lets me fall to the ground, and looks at me and I see the same sight I saw in my dream, and then everything went black.

I wake up to the sound of an unfamiliar voice calling my name, I open my eyes finding it still dark out and then see a police officer looking at me from above and hear him say to call the ambulance into a phone, then I see his hand and see a small drop of blood dripping from a slight cut and then I feel this urge to go over me to lick it and I want him unlike any other guy. I get up and grab his hand, and he just thinks that I want to hold his hand, then as I start to put my mouth to his cut, he tries to pull away but I hold it tight with my newfound strength and bite into his wrist and suck his blood, and then it dawns on me what I'm doing and I just stop and run into the darkness



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