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Patriot Act on Religion

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Essay Preview: Patriot Act on Religion

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Patriot Act on Religion

Religion is a freedom that everyone should have. I feel the government has no right to remove out 10 commandments out of government offices or any other office or building. I feel if the people do not want to see religious items then do not look at them.

If Atheist have the right to remove religious issues than why should not Christian have the right to display them anywhere for all the american people to view.

Religion is the same as speech. We have a freedom of speech, a freedom to bare arms, freedom to go where we want. So give us a right to display our religion and our feeling about our God.

God sent his only son to this earth to die for and give us freedom from OUR sins, MINE & YOURS.

Jesus gave us this planet, the sky, stars, moon, sun, clouds, trees, plants flowers our families and friends. Why do Atheist disagree with what Christians want and need.

I am not saying Atheist should not practice what they want, that is their business, but, I do not think they should take away our faith and religious rights from us.

If this is a free country they why would the government take away our religious rights away. We are not Bible thumpers and if they do not want to hear it that is fine but, for the Christians that want and need to hear the word of God then we should have that right.

In the name of GOD and JESUS give us our rights, the Atheist have theirs and they are taking ours away from us.



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