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Pay It Forward

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During the years of my life I been seen to many elders that cross the street without help or courtesy from estrangers that help them to cross and make them feel safe on the other side of the street. This time for me was special since I was inside of my car waiting for the stop light to be change I saw this old man not been secure of crossing the street and several times I saw him going down of the block and going back to the block knowing that the light for him to go was green. But, I knew something was then I let my car on the middle of road blocking the traffic and I went to help this old man holding his hand and telling him that he was secure. Off course, all the cars around me start horning myself to let the old man cross by himself and come back to move my car. But, once I help this old man he refuses to let me go of my hand and I understand his position so I went back to move and park my car and give my day to this old man no matter where he want me to take him or how long he want me to be there I chose to stay with him.

We went to his house and his family was waiting for him since three days ago they were thanks to me and the most important part was that they couldn't understand how was possible for me to lose a day of work just with the excuse to help n old man. So, after passing the whole day with the old man I decide to go back to the place where my car was and on the windshield I found a note from a security parking specialist telling me that my car was on the wrong side and he adjust that he was not giving me a ticket for the only reason that he saw me that I get off from my car and help the old man and he thanks me saying not a lot of people will do what I did for that men and that was my gift for serving my neighbor. On the end of the paper the police man wrote "today for you, tomorrow for me".

Altruism is been apply to the psychology through the common sense of the community. We feel an affinity for our species, and desire to preserve or prevent suffering of others, we tend to help when someone has no food and ask us, and usually we give if we can. On a psychological level is desire to feel useful but have limits, being altruistic means to be no driver or become a savior of a lost or like terms. Or become codependent you're always saving a child from emotional problems that refuses to grow. A well run altruism is helping others and feel satisfied by the fact of being useful to know that you do a good job but do not receive appreciation and sometimes even monetary compensation. Many of us here are so kind and ask us why we come to the forums and respond, I like to help. Them, why, you do not win anything? And the answer: Because I like, nothing more.

Without altruism the human been never could stand with a good neighborhood and we always fight as animals do for living on the same area. However, this concept of helping each other is a culture that every human been adopting in order



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