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Perry the Playtupus and the Math Matical Adventure Childrens Algebra Book

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Essay Preview: Perry the Playtupus and the Math Matical Adventure Childrens Algebra Book

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Perry the platypus and his Mathematical Adventure

This book is dedicated to all the Perry lovers, Phineas, and Ferb for making the best of summer even though it will never end.

On one summer morning, Perry was lounging under a tree while Phineas and Ferb were working on their latest invention. All of the sudden Perry's communicator loudly beep nine times. When he looks at the screen, it says he has three new incoming messages.

How many times did his communicator beep for each message?


Perry quickly runs to his undercover tree shoot and free falls into his secret layer. Major Monogram informs him "Evil Dr.Doofenshmiertz is up to no good again". He is going to make 6 inators using 36 screws. "But wait!" says Major Monogram "How many screws are in each inator?"

36 =6x

Major Monogram exclaims "Good luck agent P" Perry quickly runs to his jet pack. He flies to Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated. As he soars through the air, he notices 40 bunnies that are either brown or white. He spots 20 white bunnies.

How many bunnies have brown fur?

X +20=40

Perry the Platypus storms into Dr. Doofenshmirtz's evil liar. Once he arrives, he is put into a trap. "Oh Perry the Platypus how unexpected of you to stop by. By unexpected I mean completely expected!"Yells Dr.Doofenshmiertz. He then begins to explain his flashback. He says that when he was little his dad won a "Poke the Goozim with a Stick" contest and his prize was a bunny that he named Only Son. Only Son was Doofenshmirtz's dad's prize possession like the son he never had (hints the name only son.) But one day Only Son hopped away and Doofenshmirtz's dad blamed it on him. He was forced to be dressed as the garden gnome, he was never allowed to play with the other kids he was not even allowed to make a single move eat or sleep and his dad always yelled at him ARIBAYDAYDICHE! In addition, his only companion was the moon and his neighbor Kenny. "Now Perry the Platypus you might be wondering what is so wrong with bunnies, well they took my chances of being an only son and it was all because of their cute fur! Now let me show you my newest inator The Shave Inator. I can shave 20 bunnies in 5 min. But how long would it take to shave 40 bunnies?

5/20 x/40

Perry the Platypus soon realizes



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