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Personal and Professional Values

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Growing up my parents taught me that to believe in yourself you must value yourself. You must think you are worthy or important. Values are to be respected by others. Not everyone will have the same values that you believe in, but they should always respect them. To believe you are worthy of someone, or to think you are good enough you must have ethics. You must have the behavior and attitude to back up your values. Ethics go hand in hand with values because they help someone develop the attitude or rightness of what they value. 

To me values are something significant, or rather respected by someone. Ethics are a set of laws that manage behavior; more so rightness and wrongness. Values are more of a motivator, whereas ethics constrains. Values are an incentive for thoughts, whereas ethics are an arrangement of proper principles.


My personal and professional values align. I value someone the right to self-determine. In my personal life I make my own decisions based on what I feel is the best thing for me to do. I am strong willed when it comes to making decisions for myself. I would have a difficult time supporting things like abortion due to religious values, but I would encourage my patients to be strong willed and make decisions best for them. 

Both my personal and professional values align. I value right to self-determination and in my life, I am strong willed, and I make my own decisions based on what I feel is best for myself. I would encourage that for patients, but also struggle to support things such as abortion due to religious values.

When I think of what important personal values are to me, I think of the way I want to be treated. Honesty is probably the value I try and honor the most. Honesty goes a long way. Honesty starts within yourself. If you aren’t honest with yourself, how will you ever be honest with anyone? Honesty is important to me because I have been lied to in the past and when I found out the truth it was hard for me to trust that person again. Honesty is one of those values that is good to have, no matter the circumstance. Sometimes you will be put in a situation where you will have to be honest even if it means upsetting someone. Another important value to me in confidence. I always like the saying “confidence is key’. Confidence in your personal life shows you aren’t scared. It shows you can rely on someone. Confidence also shows trust. Trust is another value that is important. You must trust your own instincts. You must trust that you are confident in your honesty to your friend, even if you hurt their feelings.

My personal values align with my professional values. If your patient isn’t honest with you, or you aren’t honest with them there will never be any trust. If I was working with drug and alcohol and I drug test my patient and they say they are clean, but the drug test comes back and its positive, I would have a hard time trusting them again. It’s important to build a good rapport with your patients. Having a good rapport with your patient shows the patient they can come to you with any problems they have. It also shows the patient they can trust you. 

Values are important to use in everyday life. Some of my professional values are: honesty, loyalty, reliability, and confidence. I believe that while you're working in a professional environment, these are just a few that we should carry alongside us. One that I would refer to the most would be confidence. Having confidence while doing your job will help you excel at what you're doing. Considering my personal values, I would use those as I did for professional, just because I would carry myself to a higher standard. One personal value I would use on an everyday basis would be balance. I would need to learn how to balance my professional life, with my personal life. Another one I would use a lot would be growth. I would want myself to grow with the company I'm at and gain more knowledge every day. A few more values I would use within my personal life would be: openness, respect, and determination.



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