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Point of View of Richard in "the Story of an Hour"

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Essay Preview: Point of View of Richard in "the Story of an Hour"

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I must stay calm. Might there have been a mistake? A train has derailed and crashed. So many people injured or killed. Everything is in such chaos here at the station. Best I not get too excited just yet as the information could have been in error. Finally, here is the 2nd telegram, what does it say? My hands are shaking and my heart is beating so fast that I have to still myself so that I may read the telegram. OH NO! How do I tell her this tragic news, her with such a gentle disposition and a weak heart? I must hurry to her to her so I can break the news as gently as possible. She must not hear it from any less careful, less tender friend.

Sweet relief, I am in luck as Josephine is in residence. I will inform Josephine that Mr. Mallard was killed in the train wreck and allow her to break this tragic news to our dear sweet Louise.

Watching as Josephine hints, in broken sentences, to her sister nearly breaks my heart. I feel such anguish for Louise. I weep inside to watch this amazing woman wail with wild abandonment in her sister's arms. Though I believe it unwise, Louise allows no one to accompany her to her room. After a few moments I ask Josephine to check on her. I can hear as Josephine sits outside her door begging Louise to give her entrance, but Louise ignores her. Oh, Louise, what must you be going through? Please stay strong, sweet Louise, as it would be too much to bear to lose you as well. I pray to God, with all my heart, that HE eases her anguish and allows her to stay with us.

Alone downstairs my thoughts run amok. I am the most awful of friends. I know that I am a better man than this; a better friend than this. In despair I sink into the couch filled with shame as my thoughts continue to betray my lifelong friendship. This battle between my heart and my head has been one I have been waging for years and I am so weary. The effort it takes to control these wicked thoughts is unbearable. How do I banish the small glimmer of hope rising inside of me? I tell myself that I must focus only on the sadness in my heart at the loss of such a dear friend. Now is the time for mourning him so I must find a way to put these traitorous thoughts away. Alas, my heart pays no heed to my commands and continues racing along its own path. Is this truly possible? Might I now be allowed to express my truest feelings for the woman I love with every fiber of my being? Oh how my mind reels at the thought. For so many years I have quelled my feelings out of respect for Brently. I have confided in no one nor have I permitted myself even the tiniest ray of hope that one day... Enough! I gather myself together as I hear Louise, accompanied by Josephine, on the upstairs landing. I walk over to greet them and relief courses through my body to see that she is much composed, so much so that my eyes play tricks on me. She appears to me as a goddess of victory. I sigh in relief to know



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