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Pol 201 - Restriction of Civil Liberties

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Essay Preview: Pol 201 - Restriction of Civil Liberties

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Restriction of civil liberties

POL201: American National Government

Connie Palmer

Instructor Roger


As we all know there was an assault by terrorists on 11 September 2001, after few days people began to go to the various libraries to read more about the people tradition and faith that were linked to Taliban, Islam, Afghanistan as well as people who are linked to terrorism. All American were interested to learn about the history of these folks who had done all these attack and was termed as a terrible incident which had never occurred in the past. All people began to go in safer locations where they can ask and must how much they might have their security from then. Following 9/11 act, all libraries were a mark point for all those who were attempting to see their correct and requesting many details about the assault. They were inquiring their legal rights that were regarding democracy. All were very keen to know who did the same and attempted their best to get the details and were attempting to know the event during the day. However on the contrary Government was really serious because they were requesting to depart since it was linked to national security and were threatening the very liberties. Bush was greatly tensed in this case and he directed the administration to the intelligence so there must not be any further terrorist that can arrive or go outside the U. S Boundaries to be able to found them red handed. This was a great action since it will prevent the probability of terrorism. Finally they approved legislation called USA PATRIOT Act after the 6 weeks of the terrible incident. This legislation said that now the authority of intelligence had enhanced and this will assist them to get additional intelligence and investigate the alleged individual who was linked to terrorism. The complete name of the law was Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act" that was approved by Congress. This law was having roughly 150 parts and these were linked to 15 federal laws that were also having specific procedure that were linked to criminal, scam in computer system, international intelligence, telephone tapping, migration and immigration. Then it was firmly stated that every digital interaction will be examined when it was presumed linked to the terrorist and any uncommon chats. Under section 214 and 216 there were also provision where these types of intelligence may check phone chats also that were also included with the address information and also having net visitors to have the ideal criminal analysis. Following this the subsequent section that was 215 had approved independence to the FBI (the Federal Bureau of Investigation) that said that they have the warrants for lots of people linked to several areas such as business, medical, academic, library, and bookstore documents that are causing terrorism in the nation. It was extremely stringent since they won't also give any reason why they are arresting and you will be with these evidences. Because of these regulations still the matters are going on debate



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