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Premarital Sex

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The new industrial society has made a big impact on the changes of human's way of thinking. Compared to thirty years ago, people's lifestyle nowadays is more direct to self- satisfaction. In the 70's, a lot of people were reluctant to fulfill their own desires because they were afraid of the judgments which came from the close- minded generations. Time flies and things have changed. In the 21st century, we have become to emphasize on the "self" and lift off the weight of society's judgments. As people start to move toward their complacency, they are more open to what is used to be considered as taboo such as premarital sex. Sexual activity has always been a basic need to human beings. Not only it is for human's reproduction, sexual life is also a considerate factor to predict the happiness of one's life. There is an argument that whether premarital sex is appropriate among unmarried couples. The supportive side of this argument seems to have some reasonable pros to prove their point of the premarital sex's advantages. Although sex is not the most important aspect in a relationship, i...

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...ght to show their purity as a respect to their spouse. In fact, things sometime never turn out the way people want it to be. Nobody would like to experience a painful feeling when it comes to their most intimate night that they have been waiting for. Other than that, one wants to enjoy their first moment as husband and wife. Sexual experiences now play a big role in the wedding night. All the skills that one has gained from the premarital sex would help them to enhance the passionate feeling during the first night being officially together.



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