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Premature Labor - Pregnancy

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Essay Preview: Premature Labor - Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is itself a unique feeling for every mother. But not all of the pregnant ladies are aware of premature labor or preterm labor. It is a type of complication during pregnancy which results in the birth of the baby before the 37th week of pregnancy. In general the period of pregnancy last for 40 weeks. This abnormal birth occurs due to the contractions of uterus which results the cervix open earlier than the normal period. Why is it important to know about the premature labor? It is just because it often results in the death of the infants. In order to get rid of this no big hurdle is required. A pregnant lady must know what are the symptoms and causes of premature labor. After that only one can take the required steps.

So here are some of the basic symptoms:

* Contractions of uterus frequently (around four or more in an hour)

* Vaginal discharge may contain leaking fluid and even blood and the discharge is frequent.

* Cramps are felt like the menstrual cramps often painful or painless.

* Pelvic pressure or feeling like the baby is pushing down.

* Intestinal pain similar to the gastric pain.

* Low and dull backache.

There are many factors which can increase the risk of acquiring this premature birth. Many medical researchers have found that certain medical and lifestyle pattern may be the causes. .Some causes or risks are:

Medical causes:

 Infection in the urinary tract, sexually transmitted disease and other vaginal infections may lead to this condition.

 High blood pressure and diabetes problem

 Unexpected bleeding from vagina after 20 weeks

 Infection due to high fever during pregnancy.

 One or more abortions also increase the chance

 Thrombophilia or clotting disorder.

 Short time period difference between two pregnancies

 Overweight or obesity and underweight before pregnancy.

 Pregnant by the process of in vitro fertilization and having a single fetus.

Lifestyle and environmental causes:

 Smoking and drinking are the two high risks

 Taking illegal drugs is another cause

 Stress is also one of the factors

 Physical, sexual, emotional abuse and other domestic violence make the risk more obvious.

 Lack



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