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Primo Levi Survival in Auschwitz

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Essay Preview: Primo Levi Survival in Auschwitz

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Hannah Senesh was a very bright girl and brave young girl. She left her mother to go to Palestine during the beginning stages of the war, I don't know if I would have been able to leave my mother while there was a war going on especially knowing that her mother is worried sick about her brother George who was currently in France where the fighting had already begun. Like Hannah we all find it painful to see people tortured by people until life is ended. " Where is human conscience to demand the truth, to cry out?" " Man, what are you doing? Consider! Hold back your raging hand, the wild nature that prompts you to beat the Jew merely because he is a Jew!" I've thought about this a lot during this course, how didn't a alarm go off in a German officers mind while they were beating a Jew? Did they not have a conscience? I simply cannot understand how something didn't tripper in there head and say "hey Joe-Somebody this is wrong! Can't you see he has arms, legs, eyes, and mouth just like you?" It amazing how deeply ingrained this hate was that they had no feelings of remorse. However during Hannah's time in Palestine, I find that her wanting to sign up as a very brave and heroic thing to do but I feel that maybe if she would of allowed herself to find someone she wouldn't have gone. Even though she desperately wanted some close unfortunately she cut herself off from finding someone.

The Unknown Brother and Sister of Lodz Ghetto-

I don't know where to begin when commenting on these diaries of the brother and sister. It truly is a tragedy to have lost them, the boy wrote in four different languages and seemed to be very well educated. He spoke of how he thought they would never be believed that all of this was happening, and in way unfortunately he was right, its terrible that many people today still question the Holocaust or refuse to believe that it happened. This young mans knowledge was truly a big loss for the world. He also spent a lot of time worrying about his sister, who sadly at the age of 12 said she just wanted to die, that a quick death would have been a relief for them. While a fast and painless death may have been a relief for them its heartbreaking knowing that a 12 year old girl was somehow looking forward to death. My heart melted just like her brothers when I read this, the poor girl had rags to wear. Not even some proper clothing to atleast be some what comfortable in. The brother reminds me somewhat of myself, because I too have a big heart and I can tell that he really and truly cares about his sister. However I would like to think that I wouldn't steal her bread but then again I've never been starving so I cant judge. But the way he writes about her you can just feel the love how he talks about his heart melting and how he feels worthless for taking the bread.

In the movie Playing for time,



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