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Princess Draine Assessment

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Essay Preview: Princess Draine Assessment

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Princess Draine is a truly amazing person in everything that she does. As an Academic Peer Mentor she lives in and serves two resident halls to help residents succeed academically. Academic Peer Mentors live in the residence halls and apartments, and help residents succeed academically. Although this is just a general description, I can tell you that Princess never fails to go above and beyond for both her residents and her fellow staff members,

        Although having a full class schedule and other commitments, Princess is always the first person to volunteer to take someone’s shift when they can’t make it. She does this without expecting you to cover her net time. It is simply out of the kindness in her heart. A big part of being an Academic Peer Mentor is creating marketing materials. Princess is stellar at this. She takes her time to create eye catching and sometimes even breathe taking pieces to appeal to her residents. After creating these amazing marketing materials, she is kind enough to share it with other staff members that are not as talented as she is. Some weeks she even goes as far as offering to make personalized marketing materials for those who ask her far enough in advance. This truly shows how truly giving and selfless she is.

        Princess is also very dedicated to her residents. More than once she has had to create time from no time to meet with residents that need her help. She never complains to the resident or anyone about her lack of time or even about being stressed. She is just always ready to help. When creating presentations for her halls, she takes into account what residents want to see and how they want to see it. This essentially creates extra work for her on her part but she does it regardless because she truly cares that her residents are getting everything they might need.

        Recently, Princess took on a big project all on her own without anyone asking her to do it. Seeing that her coworkers were disgruntled with certain aspects of their job, Princess took the imitative to create a document that had all the issues. Not only that, she created several different ways for the issues to be resolved. The document was very well detailed and addressed all issues voiced by the group. Although she wasn’t especially compensated for her time, she did it because she simply wants everyone around her to be happy. She is such a busy and involved student so I know that her time could have been better spent doing soething else but she choose to do something that would benefit so many others. She truly cherishes people and is always willing to do whatever she can to make everyone happy and comfortable.

        Although I just meet Princess in the fall of 2017, I can honestly say that she is truly one of the best human beings that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Her selflessness, determination, consideration, and care truly make her an outstanding individual. She is truly a leader in all aspects of the world, always ready to put others before herself. She has taught me a lot of valuable lessons about patience and outing others first in certain situations. I can always count on her to listen to me when I think that the world is crashing. All these reasons and several more are why I am proud to call Princess Draine my coworker and more importantly my friend.



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